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  • The Radio: The Invention Of The Radio

    for newspaper. (Petra Press) It truly added richness to the American life. (Petra Press) In the 1930’s the market was flooded with the new entertainment and communication device. In 1931, 12 million or 40 percent of the countries homes owned at least one radio. (Petra Press) Groth of the radio industry was so high that Congress passed the Communications Act of 1934. (Petra Press) By 1939, at least 44 million radios were in use in over 80 percent of houses in the United States. (Petra Press)…

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  • The Bosnia List: A Memoir Of War, Exile, And Return

    Every person in the world can say they have experienced a tragedy. Whether it big or small there are events in our lives that will never leave our everyday thought. There are people who we may never be able to find the strength to forgive for bringing pain upon us. Occasions in which challenge our minds to their breaking points. “The Bosnia List: A Memoir of War, Exile, and Return” by Kenan Trebincevic is an autobiography about his personal experience of surviving the ruthless war and ethnic…

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  • Waknuk Women In The Chrysalids

    Question 5 a) In the text it was mentioned that the Waknuk women had a cross stitched to their dresses, and the women believed strongly in religion they also practiced it. Their hair and clothes were clean, pretty and not sterilized. But the Fringes Women were the rejects of Waknuk, as most of them were sent away because of a discovered deviation. Those women had tattered clothes, wore no crosses, did not practice or believe in religion as the Waknuk people did. They were described as “dirty”,…

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  • Waknuk Society In The Chrysalids By John Wyndham

    they plan to send Sophie to the fringes. Everything is fine until the arrival of his little sister Petra. David finds out that Petra can also make thing picture, only stronger than David. When Petra’s think pictures…

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  • The Leadership Qualities Of Ender's Game By Orson Card

    The Leadership Qualities of Ender Wiggin Ender’s Game by Orson Card has been a popular science fiction novel for the past three decades. Since its inception the book has claimed two highly respected awards. In addition it has even become a highly recommended reading material for several military education facilities for new officers. This novel highlights four basic qualities that make up the basis of a good commanding officer. The first quality needed for a leader to succeed is gaining the…

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  • Ender's Game Character Analysis

    For instance, three characters who are Alai, Petra, and Valentine always stand by for Ender even through his toughest times. Firstly, Alai sticks by Ender throughout the whole novel. Alai says to Ender “always my friend, always the best of my friends” (Card, 69). This is one of Ender’s first true friends at battle school. Secondly, a girl named Petra befriends Ender even though the rest of her army dislikes Ender. For one thing, Petra says to Ender “If you want I’ll take you in the off hours…

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  • History And History Of The Premier Diamond Mining Company

    The Premier Diamond Mining Company was founded by Thomas Cullinan (later Sir Thomas) in 1902, near the end of the second Boer War (South African War 1899 - 1902). The land was originally part of the Cornelis Minnaar Farm and was purchased for a sum total of £52,000 by Thomas. The company was first registered on the 6th November 1902 as the Premier Syndicate but was later re-registered as the Premier Transvaal Diamond Mining Company Ltd. on 1st December, 1902. Cullinan Village was established in…

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  • Social Injustice Essay

    Petra Hensley was 16 when she was taken from a train station in the Czech Republic, drugged and thrown into an abandoned apartment only 30 miles from her home. At the apartment she was tied to a wall and exploited sexually. Another trafficked victim was held in the room next to Petra’s. On Petra’s third day in captivity she heard her only companion in the apartment be shot and killed. Petra knew she was going to die if she did not escape this nightmare. Three days after being kidnapped Petra…

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  • Ender's Game Themes

    I consider Ender’s Game to be a modern-style romance of the medieval-style. To prove my point, Ender’s Game has a plotline in which a teenage boy must unknowingly take on and defeat an alien race that presents a possible threat to human life. Throughout the plot, Ender must make several moral decision that greatly affect him and those around him. These decisions are drawn from his personality which derives he himself derived from his brother and sister. In the beginning of Ender’s Game,…

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  • Ender Wiggin Character Analysis

    In Ender’s Game written by Orson Scott Card the character Ender Wiggin is a strong archetypal romantic character. The story is about Ender Wiggin who goes to Battle School and defeats the Buggers. In order to beat the buggers Ender had to go through the hero’s journey. The hero’s journey is a journey that hero goes through in in order to complete a tasks ,but has many obstacles and the journey changes the character. Ender Wiggin is a romantic hero because he follows the Hero’s Journey steps of…

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