Peloponnesian War

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  • The Importance Of Moral Reasoning

    It has been suggested that Western societies need to take into consideration using such extraordinary measures as torture and extraterritorial targeted killings in the fight against contemporary terrorism. The arguments of whether or not it is permissible to enable such practices, are in dispute. There is a wide variety of perspectives this issue can be considered from. For instance, situation ethics states that “the morality of an action depends on the situation”, whereas absolutism tells us…

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  • Postmodern War Analysis

    The ‘Postmodern’ War Karmasin et al. (2013), believes that under the premises of globalization and digitization, we are once again witnessing a change in the technical possibilities of communication, which will in turn bring about change in the nature of warfare (xiii). “Wars are no longer fought by regular armies only but also by paramilitary groups, criminals and regular armed forces alike (Karmasin et al., 2013, xiii). Stephan Russ-Mohl (2013) argues that in a globalized world, media…

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  • Case Study: Hoof Nuclear

    1. Introduction Hoof Nuclear (HN) has been surfaced with some issues ever since it opened. Many foreign governments and funded campaign group wants to seize the operations of Hoof Nuclear. Hoof Nuclear is owned by Hoof Power Company and has been around 51 years. Ever since its operation, the neighboring counties (Beeland and Ceeland) want them to seize their operation. But this nuclear power station has been supported by many local government…

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  • Child Soldiers Case

    The Problem of Child Soldiers: The Case of CAR After the Second World War, the nature wars have changed. They are no longer between states or alliances. They are within states. Usually as a result of parties within states rising up against unfair treatment, inequitable distribution of wealth that have led to economic disparities, control of resources, corruption or disdain for other ethnic groups within the same country. Reasons for the new phenomenon surrounding conflicts have not changed the…

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  • Essay On Syrian Refugees Crisis

    The Syrian Refugee Crisis has been an ongoing issue that has been mainly present since 2011 but has been an ongoing issue since the World War II era. Violence and turmoil has caused Syrians to mass migrate to other countries. However, the current refugee crisis has had a widening Impact in the neighboring countries of Europe. The First issue that needs to be resolved is that not a lot of countries have the courage to stand up and take responsibility on fixing the issue of migration. The second…

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  • Women In The Civil War Essay

    Women in the Civil War Women have dealt with many inconveniences over the years, but the Civil War is one of the greatest of them. Many roles of women included nurses, spies, soldiers, housewives, et cetera. Many other women stayed in their hometowns, whom were left lonely by their husbands and relatives who left for war. Some women were longing for adventure, claiming that they could do anything that a man could. Others believed it was only a man’s duty to fight on the battlefield. Other women…

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  • Dangerous War Prompt

    essay which I enjoyed writing. The essay prompt was on explaining how dangerous war has become. I was really into the prompt but the research on it was limited so I couldn’t really get far with my sources. While reading the essay I noticed the paper sounded as if I wrote it the night before(which come to think of it I probably did, I mean it was high school). I feel like I was aiming to make the essay sound as tragic as war is but still have an informational tone; just as Germany did in WW2, I…

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  • Comparing Machiavelli's 'War And Historical Necessity'

    War and Historical Necessity It is previously mentioned how war is used as a tool of the state to control internal resistance to new princes and Machiavelli begins to delve into the specifics of the military in chapters 12 to 14. Machiavelli makes it clear that an armed force is vital to the state because all states have “good laws and good arms … there cannot be good laws where the state is not well armed” (Machiavelli (1515), 55). Having a strong army is vital to good laws because the states…

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  • Manto's 'The Last Salute And' The Dog Titwal?

    their nation the concept of heavy nation pride can lead to many issues. It can lead to people valuing their over the individual identities of people, it can lead to harsh generalizations, and as seen in Manto’s stories, Identity issues, and pointless war. Ashcroft also stated, “This myth of nationhood, masked by ideology, perpetuates nationalism, in which specific identifiers are employed to create exclusive and homogeneous conceptions of national traditions”(4). This speaks on the characteristic…

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  • Sun Tzu The Art Of War Summary

    The art of war is a strategdy guide dealing which deals with military, emphasizes the necessity of a state. It also promotes the concept regarding armed citizenry. It’s a matter of life or death, either used to provide safety or to ruin the safety of others. The book was written in China by a man named as Sun Tzu in 4th century. There was no greater war leader and strategist than Chinese military general Sun Tzu. It’s a complete military strategy guide that covers many types of strategy and…

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