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  • Importance Of Traditional Education

    In Nigeria, Islam pre-dated Christianity by well over 300 years. But these two important religions which have influenced Nigerian education in no small measure are of recent development…(p.15). c. While quoting internet sources use page number if available. However, use paragraph as para. or the paragraph symbol, or the section, if necessary, for a web document of hypertext markup language (html) or other without pagination. For example, Yusuf (2005) opined that “the Nigerian national policy…

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  • Reflective Essay On Plagiarism

    This paper is a reflection and overview of plagiarism and appeal procedure, in which the definition, consequences, and appeals procedure of academic misconduct is discussed. The first section includes a summary of a presentation regarding plagiarism and the appeals procedure for Liberty University. The second section is a reflection describing insights received from the presentation and procedure. The last section includes how this knowledge is applicable in the future. Plagiarism, the act of…

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  • Kimbote In Pale Fire

    However, what is interesting is a mention of Botkin in the text that is not included in the index. When describing Prof. Pnin, a parenthetical commentary is made describing the fortunes of Botkin in commentary to line 172: “happily, Prof. Botkin, who taught in another department, was not subordinated to that grotesque ‘perfectionist’” (Nabokov 155). Here is another insertion of the character…

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