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  • English Composition In David Sheff's Beautiful Boy

    After four years of meaningless lectures and pointless assignments, high school English class has abandoned me at the gates of university with only the slightest writing skills. English Composition 1 has been an academic life saver, providing writing skills and concepts that will be of the absolute necessity for all my future endeavors. So far every essay I have written for English Composition 1 has received an acceptable score, so I think I think I have applied at least some of the literary…

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  • Differences: Similarities Between Christianity And Islam

    Answer any two out of the four questions provided. Each question should be at least 3 pages and not exceeding 6 pages of a double spaced type written paper. 1. A young adult was entangled emotionally with a Muslim girl. He came to you asking for an explanation between Christianity and Islam. He understands that there are many similarities between Islam and Christianity, like the similarities of historical roots, monotheistic idea of God, understanding of prophets, angels, and even the acceptance…

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  • Writing: 10 Core Concepts Summary

    I chose Chapter 23 “Using Source Material” in Writing: 10 Core Concepts. “Using Source Material” is important and useful information on how to use other sources in your writing effectively. Chapter 23 gives examples for how to: include enough information to back up your ideas, but not so much information that it covers up what you want to say. In addition, it gives tips for how to incorporate it into your writing. Robert P. Yagelski argues that “The challenge for many students is resisting the…

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  • Common Writing Style

    Q. What are the most common writing styles used when writing an essay, and how do they differ from one another? When incorporating them into your essay, what is required for proper citation; as well as why it’s so important to use correct citing sources. What consequence could one possible face when proper citation is not followed? As we are all aware writers use many different writing techniques and formats while engaging in their writing styles. The most known and common are as follows:…

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  • Techniques Used In Written Publishing

    Citations are used in a written publication to highlight source material within a person’s original work, to give credit to the original author, and to support an idea or an argument. Any person using outside sources within a written publication becomes responsible for including proper citations within that publication. If a person chooses to use an APA style, they must know how to incorporate source material into a written publication and know how to format in-text citations and references. A…

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  • English 101 Class Analysis

    readers’ reviews as parenthetical citations. I also learned how to write the Works Cited page by using the MLA format. Despite my reticence and few errors on the Works Cited page, I had a pleasant time writing my essay and actually received my best grade on it. I definitely refined my writing process this past semester. By using the techniques and tips I learned from professor Turner’s class, I strengthened my topic selection and editing skills. I ameliorate the usage of parenthetical citations…

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  • Negative Consequences Of Plagiarism

    After I was found responsible for plagiarism a paper in my English class a few weeks ago, I was told I had to do a research paper on plagiarism as part of my probationary status. I also received a zero for that said assignment. I am still suffering the consequences of my actions. My research paper will be about preventing plagiarism and showing that I can properly cite, use in text citations, and use direct quotes, and use a reference page. Plagiarism is a serious offense that has very…

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  • Reflection On Wrtg 101

    Reflective Essay I took WRTG 101 to complete my Community College of the Air Force degree. After attempting to take multiple English courses from different college institutions for the last two years. I find the course drawing to a close, coming a long way from the start of the course where I would rate myself a 3 out of ten. Because I never enjoyed taking any type of communication course being written or oral. Never having a real interest in the subject, procrastinating to the very last minute…

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  • Personal Narrative: Lessons Learned In My Writing

    At the beginning of the year I was really nervous about taking your Composition 1 class. You see, writing papers was never one of my strong traits. Looking back on this semester, I can see just how much my writing has improved. I went from being a writer who stressed over every tiny detail of a paper into someone who feels more confident in her writing to actually start enjoying what I put in my papers. Even though I stressed over every detail in my writing I still lacked a lot of the knowledge…

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  • Plagiarism Fq

    Plagiarism FAQ’s 1. What is plagiarism and why should I care about it? Plagiarism is taking the words and thoughts of others and using them as if they were your own because you fail to give credit to the other person. Plagiarism is a major form of cheating that should be avoided when you are completing assignments or posting on discussion threads. 2. How do I give credit to someone? At WCU, you are expected to credit your sources through APA guidelines. This means you’re responsible for citing…

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