Writing: 10 Core Concepts Summary

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I chose Chapter 23 “Using Source Material” in Writing: 10 Core Concepts. “Using Source Material” is important and useful information on how to use other sources in your writing effectively. Chapter 23 gives examples for how to: include enough information to back up your ideas, but not so much information that it covers up what you want to say. In addition, it gives tips for how to incorporate it into your writing. Robert P. Yagelski argues that “The challenge for many students is resisting the tendency to rely too heavily on source material so that it doesn’t take over the student’s own writing” (743). Along with that, it gives you useful tips on how to cite other sources and give the author the credit he or she deserves so that you can avoid plagiarism.
In Writing: 10 Core Concepts, Yagelski suggests that “The most important guideline to follow when using any source material is to focus on your own ideas and the point you are making.” (743). When you include
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Yagelski also stated that “Plagiarism is the use of others’ words or ideas without giving credit or presenting someone else’s words or ideas as your own... In the most extreme cases, plagiarism can result in lawsuits, penalties, or fines... Most colleges and universities have strict codes of student conduct that often include severe sanctions for students caught plagiarizing, including failing an assignment, failing a course, and even expulsion from school.” Who in the world would aspire to fail a course or even get expelled from school? I certainly would never in any way want any of those things to happen! When you use another source, give the author the proper credit. To avoid plagiarism, you need to give the author of the source proper credit. Robert P. Yagelski suggests a few useful ways to avoid plagiarism: “Use sources to support or extend your own ideas... Integrate source material into your own writing... Credit your sources... Take careful notes.”

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