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  • The Similarities Of Metallica And Ozzy

    Ozzy was known for theatrics and stunts during his concerts which furthered the public’s perception that he was a devil worshipper. At one point in his career, Ozzy bit the head off of a bat at one of his concerts. It was thrown onto the stage and he maintains that he was not aware the bat was real until after he bit off the head. He also bit a doves head off, while intoxicated, during a meeting with some record company executives, furthering the belief that he is a Satanist. Metallica is not known for wild theatrics during their concerts but their behaviors after their concerts, as well as their professional dealings, have been a source of controversy within their career. They were the first band to sue Napster for piracy which really angered their fans. Their excessive use of drugs and alcohol, as well as their sexual promiscuity while married, also altered fan’s view of them. The drugs, alcohol and loose morals have all led to…

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  • The Heavy Metal Subculture

    Satanism with heavy metal, driving them to misinterpret these allusions. In dulling the complexity of heavy metal lyrical references and refusing to consider that lyrics and the themes contained therein could be misinterpreted if taken out of context, people are reinforcing the unjust stereotypes of heavy metal in their own minds. Heavy metal’s preoccupation with suicide and suicidal thoughts is taken out of context by assuming that a discussions thereof is an endorsement and an encouragement to…

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  • Rock Music Censorship Essay

    Child” when it actually meant “Alternating Current/ Direct Current”, two kinds of electrical power which makes more sense since the slash that separates “AC” and “DC” is a lightning bolt. There were cases how songs about suicide cause people to kill themselves. Some songs were “Suicide Solution” by Ozzy Osbourne, “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult, and “Shoot to Thrill” by AC/DC (Brackett, 411). Ozzy Osbourne was sued by the parents of John Daniel McCollum because of his death. John…

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  • Heavy Metal Stereotypes

    metal’s preoccupation with suicide and suicidal thoughts is also often taken out of context. Many believe heavy metal encourages these thoughts, when actually most musicians seek to address a problem that society will not. For fans of heavy metal, lyrics preoccupied with suicide are often both a coping mechanism and a means of processing suicidal thoughts that society has banned them from speaking about. Thus, if there are higher percentages of heavy metal listeners committing suicide, it is…

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  • Nest Character Analysis

    life will continue as it is, and possibly get even better than it is. In the movie, the garden is mentioned only once, if not twice, and takes away the deterioration of hope that occurs as the book progresses. Even though her hope diminished as time passed, she as a person was portrayed as one of the most hopeful characters in the novel. Although she may have been a bit delusional at some times throughout the novel, she was also, nonetheless, the most optimistic. In contrast, the film does not…

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  • Osbournes: The Hybrid Reality Sitcom Analysis

    Joanne Morreale’s “Revisiting The Osbournes: The Hybrid Reality Sitcom”(2003) asserts that the Osbournes reality television show was a surprising hit between 2001 and 2002. Morreale backs up her claim in saying that their television show was one of the highest rated programs on cable television and also the most successful series in MTV’s twenty-one year history. The reality sitcom follows the lives of Ozzy Osbourne, his wife Sharon, and Jack and Kelly. The television show began being moved to…

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  • Randy Rhoads: A Tragic Hero

    Even though his body was burnt to ashes, his popularity was only beginning to escalate. Randy Rhoads was only a guitarist for ten years, and yet he is one of the biggest influences on young guitarists today. Rhoads’ career lasted only a short while before he was tragically killed. Randy Rhoads’ shooting-star career was thanks to his early life, his early career, his career with Ozzy Osbourne, and his shocking and heart wrenching sudden death. Randy Rhoads was born on December 6, 1956. Since a…

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  • The Beatles Influence On American Pop Culture

    Never say die! Black Sabbath was the heaviest of four major British rock bands that invaded America. Ozzy (Jonathan) Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Bill Ward, and Geezer Butler created a sound that never seemed imaginable, but it did seem as though the music would never gain success. Black Sabbath, while recording their second album (the first one to become popular), had to quickly write one song in a day to record on the album so it had one more track, as requested by the record company. The song they…

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  • Tom Petty's 'Into The Great Wide Open'

    “into the great wide open” “The sky was the limit.” Tom Petty’s “Into the great wide open” is a narrative poem about eddy a 18 year that moved to hollywood making it in the music business then hit rock bottom. Tom Petty’s “Into the great wide open” is a realistic poem about Eddy’s rising and collapsing fame. using shifting tones and includes realistic events. Tom Petty’s narrative poem is about a man named Eddy and his rise and fall in fame. In the beginning Eddy graduated high school and then…

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  • Heavy Metal Band: Motley Crue

    Going against the United State’s president at the time, Ronald Reagan, Motley Crue did not have the normal look for this conservative time period. The Motley Crue provided a stage presences, which influenced other bands during this time. The band wore exotic make-up, clothing, and high heel boots. The makeup was influenced by Ozzy Osbourne as well as KISS, the clothing portrayed an image of the New Romantic Movement, and the boots were first introduced by Elton John. Along with the outfits,…

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