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  • Dividend Valuation Model And Relative Valuation Models

    Relative valuation methods are used because they are simple and easy to apply. It gives analysts a “quick and dirty” way to estimate the value of the company. However, relative valuation methods do not stipulate a direct estimate for a company’s fundamental value. They do not specify whether a firm is fairly priced but only indicates whether it is fairly priced relative to some benchmark which could include a group of comparable companies or its industry (Ferris & Petitt, 2013). The relative valuation method relies on the use of multiples which is principally a ratio between two financial…

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  • Apple Stock Analysis

    or ETF. Samsung is a company that produces a large array of products including TV’s, Laptops, Phones, and other electronics. Currently, they are experiencing some scrutiny for their latest phone, it had an event where one of their phones actually exploded. This caused a major recall for the phone and sank the stock price. The ADR is now trading at $1,250 a share. Which is where a big red flag for investors is raised, when a stock price is that high it causes major risk exposure. Purchasing just…

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  • Bristol Meyers Squibb Case Analysis

    Co Inc (MRK), and Eli Lily and Co (LLY). The competition has a large portion of the market share. When validating a stock there are a few main areas that this analysis will compare, including major events within the company, dividend yield, capital gains, major trends, and the P/E ratio. Below is a comparison of the four companies on these benchmarks. The industry benchmarks are a dividend yield of 3.4%, and a P/E ratio of 27.5 (Market average is 19.6). This industry has a few particular…

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  • Dividend Stock Investment Analysis

    Choosing to participate in the market can be daunting on its own. Prior to evaluating your investment options, you should first determine your investment horizon, investable assets, risk tolerance and financial goals. Clearly defining your investment goals will help you determine an investment strategy best suited for you, and sometimes steer you to certain assets. When building your portfolio, you have likely run a cross two popularly referenced labels; growth stocks and dividend stocks. While…

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  • Executive Compensation Plan In Telstra

    This case study is going evaluate the two objective which are Telstra pay the dividends for shareholders and the executive compensation plan in Telstra also the way to incentive senior management team. The most important evaluation is that how does the Telstra can provide the dividends to shareholders by increase the profit form senior management team also realise the responsibility to shareholders. On 14 August 2014, the directors resolved to pay a final fully franked dividend of 15.0 cents…

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  • DUK Earnings Per Share Case Study

    of March 22, 2016, the P/E ratio for DUK is 19.28. This means that for every dollar invested, one would expect $19.28 in return. However, looking at P/E as a function of one day in time would not be prudent, rather an investor would have a better feel for the company if they reviewed the trailing P/E or leading P/E. In the case of DUK the P/E ratios are 19.48 and 16.40 respectively (Yahoo! Finance,…

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  • Financial Analysis: Netflix Financial Statement Analysis

    This reveals how much the company is worth. The shareholder’s equity is pretty much what is left of the assets after the liabilities. The company’s total liabilities are much higher than its equity, which gives a high debt-to-equity ratio of 3.06 in 2013. And in 2014, their debt to equity ratio decreased, but it’s still higher than one. This indicates that, if the company needed to repay their debt right away, the company would struggle to pay it off since their liabilities are more than the…

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  • Disadvantages Of Market Multiples

    A higher P/E ratio than peer group average generally suggests that stock price may be overpriced, which is further confirmed by the significant price difference between actual stock price and stock price calculated using DCF model in this report. Additionally, CIMIC Group beta value is 1.6, which is higher than 1; It implies that CIMIC share is 60% more volatile than overall market movements. With current and forecasted negative outlook of construction industry considered, risk averse investors…

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  • Ev71 Essay

    Genogroup B in the late 1990s found to have sudden increases of genetic diversity which correspond to the time when the major HFMD outbreaks were happened in Asia. The observed dynamics of the plot are mostly corresponded with the recorded global surveillance data of EV71 cases over the past 4 decades. Similar results were obtained when using the VP1 gene from genogroup C. This implies that the elevation in genetic diversity is correlated with EV71 epidemics. Natural selection and adaptation in…

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  • Hospital Staffing

    staff to patient ratios, or allow the hospital to make decisions about staffing levels, even if it means fewer staff working longer hours? This is a question that affects millions of hospitals and also effects protocols in hospitals all over the world. I rarely visit the hospital, but if I go to the hospital and it’s a very serious case will I be treated quickly enough? Registered nurses have long recognized and continue to point out that staffing issues are an ongoing problem. It…

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