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  • Analysis Of Dawson's Creek

    SUMMARY Season 1, Episode 1 – Pilot: Joey and Dawson, the two best friends, are beginning to see the effects of the emerging development. Joey makes states that they can no longer have their sleepovers, as to salvage their friendship. Throughout the episode, Dawson is seen working on an amateur movie with his two friends, Pacey and Jen. Despite his love form film making, Dawson’s mind is soon filled with thoughts of Jen: the new girl who just moved into town from New York. It is then that we begin to see him giving into the changes that begin with hormones. While Dawson deals with his growing crush, Pacey also develops a crush on Tamara Jacobs: an older woman he meets in a video shop that he soon discovers to be his new English teacher. While all this is happening, Joey deals with the knowledge that Dawson’s mother is having an affair. Season 1, Episode 2 – Dance: Dawson works his way into a…

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  • Pursuit Of Happyness

    take the machine to various hospitals, even many hospitals have rejected to purchase his merchandises, claiming that the machines are not a necessity to them and that it is highly expensive. This never discouraged Gardner from selling these machines. Gardner’s life becomes interrupted when he is no longer able to pay off his rent; as a result, his wife left him and his son to care for. The father and the son adopted the homelessness lifestyle, going from shelter to shelter searching for…

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