Observation of Child at Play Essay

  • Social Observation Of Parten´s Study Of Children's Play

    For the observations conducted, I am basing them off Parten’s study of children’s play. In this study, children were viewed for one minute each day and “each time they were observed, their degree of social participation was characterized” (Bateman and Goodman) using Parten’s six levels of social participation. The participants of these observations interacted differently based on what kind of play they engaged in and their age showcased the difference in play in which the participants became involved in. At around the ages of two to three years old, children are more likely to engage in solitary independent play, in which the child plays alone and focuses solely on one activity. Solitary independent play is more common at younger ages. As…

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  • Child Development: Physical, Cognitive, Social, And Observation

    Throughout the observations I noticed there was a relatively even amount of information regarding the four developmental domains: physical, cognitive, social, and emotional. The first instance of physical development was in observation two when children were playing outside. Children were climbing the playground and running around in the play area. Children should be encouraged to run around while outside, if they aren’t then children are antsy in times when they need to be quiet and still.…

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  • Observation Of A Preschool

    During the semester I have done my observation in the Community Plaza Center in Boyle Heights. In this center they provide the community with preschool, head start, and is recently implanting an infancy program for the community. The child I have decided to focused in is a student in the preschool program, she is four-year-old Irene. The class room has grown with new students in comparison to the first observation. The class now consists of sixteen students, eight boys and eight girls, in the…

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  • Schemas Case Study

    A case study reflecting on observations of children’s schematic interests. In the paper I will be discussing the history and theories of schemas. I will include observations on a child’s schematic interests and my role as the practitioner. A Schema is a pattern of repeatable behaviour into which experiences are assimilated and that are gradually coordinated. (Athey, 1990:37) Children’s patterns are influenced through their genetically pre-determined biological development and the socio-cultural…

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  • The Importance Of Thomas's Development

    skills, perceptions and attitudes of the child is paramount when gaining an understanding of the developmental levels (EE, 2012), thus enabling the pedagogy to plan and provide a stimulating environment within which the individual child can learn. To obtain such information Howe & Davies (2010) concurred by Bradley et al (2011) refer to the Montessori theory highlighting the importance of observing the child in a variety of naturalistic situations, whether it be teacher-directed or child-led to…

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  • Reflection Paper On School Age Children

    journal, I have chosen to observe the school age child. During the time used in observing this age group, biological, cognitive, psychological developments were noted as well as interactions between children and child and caregiver. Taken into account of this observation were the social and cultural impacts to the development of the group. Finally, during this observation there were developmental challenges that will be discussed for this age group. The children and setting for my…

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  • Key Principles Of Pre Birth To 3

    are Rights of the Child, Relationships, Responsive Care and Respect. The Rights of the Child means that all rights in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child should be followed when working with children, including all “civil, cultural, economic, social and political rights” (Learning Teaching Scotland, 2010) and also within the Rights of the Child, all children should be allowed to express their views and these views should be listened to. Finally in the Rights of the Child all…

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  • Case Study Of Play And Learn At Community Center

    a brief tour through the center, it’s clear to see why there are often dozens of names on the waiting list months in advance for enrollment at the center. Play and Learn at Community Place feels open, warm, and inviting, from the colorful art and photos of the children adorning the walls lining the hallways, to the walls of information for parents related to the center, its philosophy, and its staff. The staff are knowledgeable, and educated in their craft. Each staff member has their own skills…

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  • Objective Observation In Video Games

    Context: At home in the living room seating in the couch in front of the television, still wearing the cloths from school and playing video games online with his classmates and friends, while having dinner. The child who is a boy is 13 years old and is in 8th grade, is also my little brother. There are nobody else in the living room but him, the dog and I. Objective observation: The child takes a bite of his meal almost every two min, holding the control with his…

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  • Child Observation

    The child that I observed for my second observation was Lissandro. The same child as my last observation. Lissandro is now 44 months old. I observed Lissandro at his home on the 22nd of this month around noon time. How he relates to me is that he is my best friend’s nephew. One thing that changed in the child’s life is that the father is seeing his child more. Before, he would see him on weekends, but now he sees his son all the time. Not a lot of the child’s fine and gross motor…

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