Child Observation And Cognitive Development

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During the semester I have done my observation in the Community Plaza Center in Boyle Heights. In this center they provide the community with preschool, head start, and is recently implanting an infancy program for the community. The child I have decided to focused in is a student in the preschool program, she is four-year-old Irene. The class room has grown with new students in comparison to the first observation. The class now consists of sixteen students, eight boys and eight girls, in the first observation there were six boys and five girls.
Physical Development
Irene is the tallest child in her class and seem to be in average in weight. She is a healthy four-year-old she is able to run, climb, jump, and walk with no trouble of falling
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In many of my observations I was there during circle time where the teachers go over the days of the week, names of the mouths, sight words, rhymes, and the book of the week. During the time that I have been there Irene has not only been able to memorize the days of the week and the names of the month but also how many days make up a week and how many months there are in a year. During one observation Irene showed that her cognitive development is well developed, teacher Lily was going over the book of the week and asked the class what the book was about many of the children that were called on before Irene mentioned past books. When Irene got called on she was able to answer correctly. Piaget’s stages of development include four cognitive developments that occur in different ages of an individual’s life, which are sensorimotor (birth to 2 year), preoperational (2-6 years), concrete operational, and formal operational (12- adulthood) (Berger, 2015). Irene is four years old and corresponds to the preoperational (2-6 years) which is the stage where a child expresses themselves in language, symbolically and where imagination has a great influence in not only expression but also in social influence in this stage a child is considered to be egocentric (Berger, 2015). During my observations Piaget’s preoperational stage is very noticeable in Irene. Piaget explains how a child uses objects to represent something else (Berger, 2015). Pretend play is an evident way we can see a child show their development in preoperational stage. Irene showed that she is in

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