Child Classroom Observation

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My child observation and classroom observation took place at the Mt. San Jacinto Child Development and Education center in the preschool/pre-k (ages 36 months to 54 months) program room. This classroom has 2 teachers and 15 children in attendance during my observation. My study child is a male student age 4 who for this assignment I will refer to as C.
The classroom environment as a whole can handle the children within the program, however I will provide a better picture of the entire room to have a clear picture for reflection. As a child walking into this classroom you feel a sense of warmth of both the environment and also from the teacher as she greats all her children individually. The room set up is somewhat of a circle as you enter the
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In the center of the room is the manipulatives, science, and art centers. Also in this area you will find tables and chairs child size for them to sit and do art, puzzles, or whatever they find interest in. Hanging from the walls are displays of art produced by the children of the am class and the pm class. Upon entering the class each child is addressed by name and then asked a personal question, mostly pertaining to how the rest of their day was the previous afternoon, the children are given time to play after their initial entry into the room. The teacher and her assistant talk with the parents about concerns they both may have for the specific child. Upon the actual day beginning, the lights are dimmed to prompt a transition from play to circle time, also allowing the children time to say goodbye to parents and siblings as necessary. The circle time is a story and interaction between the teacher and the children to begin the day, followed by half an hour outside for running and exercise. Transitions are long waiting times for all the children as they are required to line up and wait for others to wash their hands and enter the line, the assistant is beneficial at this …show more content…
J should have expressed the rules by making eye contact with him so that he knows she was talking to him, even though she knew she was. This gives C respect by the teacher and shows him that she is talking directly to him. Once C was given the rules the first time, Ms. J should have guided C in following the safety rule. Knowing that C needs additional guidance with classroom and play yard rules she should have remained vigilant with the bike path and her riders to help prevent C from not following the rules. Once C did not follow the rules having him park the bike and redirecting him to an additional play area would have been an idea that she could have suggested. Ms. J can provide more conversation time with C away from the bikes, drawing his attention to another activity. Conversation regarding the correct way the bikes are to be ridden, follow the arrows for safety. Not wanting to go all the way around, or impatience may have contributed to him cutting through the walking area. C may have watched other prior to him ride in a way that is not acceptable. Ms. J needs to be consistent when making sure that the inside and outdoor rules are being followed, making sure everyone is following

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