Leadership skills of Odysseus Essay

  • The Leadership Challenges Of Odysseus

    The Odyssey is an epic poem written by Homer and centers around Odysseus and his adventures on his way home from the trojan war. During these adventures, Odysseus leads his men to different islands and through various obstacles. Many people often question Odysseus' leadership. Should Odysseus receive a nomination for a leadership award? I on the other hand believe that Odysseus should not receive a leadership award. Odysseus lacks some qualities of a great leader such as communication, being selfless, and good decision making. Odysseus' communication skills towards his men throughout the odyssey is not the best, and that's not good considering that Odysseus is the leader. I read an article about "Top 10 Qualities…

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  • Iliad Leadership Analysis

    Though these characteristics are not as vivid in the Iliad, these skills are delineated more explicitly in the Odyssey. By continuing to tell Odysseus’ story and showcasing his cunning, Homer himself designates him to be superior in leadership. What Homer could not expect was how pertinent Odysseus’ charisma and self-control would be to the 21st century. While Odysseus’ skills could be used to incite both ethically positive or negative change, they are the tools which fuel all political…

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  • Compare And Contrast Achilles And Odysseus

    Achilles Vs. Odysseus Achilles is the son of Peleus, who is the king of Myrmidon. He was the fearless, striking, and a substantial warrior of the army of Agamemnon in the Trojan war. In Greek mythology, Achilles is notorious for having a preference between a long and peaceful life, or a quick life that will guide him to eternal glory. He states that “There are no covenants between sheep and wolves, nor between you and me” (Achilles). Achille had a desire for glory, when it came to the…

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  • Different Themes In The Odyssey By Homer's Odyssey

    struggles and conflicts the Odysseus must face on his long journey home. These themes demonstrate how a character can change over a period of time, however at times it seems as if Odysseus’s desire to return home is purposely delayed due to his personal actions and choices. The themes that are shown in the Odyssey, when closely analyzed, help paint a picture for the reader on how Odysseus’s journey through epic proportions shape the context of the story and greatly affect his journey home. The…

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  • Admirable Challenges In The Odyssey, By Homer's The Odyssey

    by Homer, a hero named Odysseus makes his way back home to Ithaca after a great battle at the city of Troy. On his way home, Odyssey faces many challenges that push his leadership and emotional restraint. Odysseus and his men have to face the wrath of gods, such as the almighty Zeus, and mythical creatures, such as the sirens and the nymphs. Throughout his journey, Odysseus and his men show many admirable qualities. These qualities include caution in the face of danger, bravery, and dedication.…

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  • Examples Of Leadership In The Odyssey

    The Odyssey Leadership Essay Many people like to think of themselves as passionate, courageous, and engaged individuals. However, in many cases that is thrown out the window when they are put under pressure. According to Katherine Bryant, “As a leader your every action has a consequence, make sure it is one you intend.” This is a statement all leaders should take into consideration. Was this taken into consideration by the main character in Homer’s Odyssey? A Greek warrior named Odysseus had…

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  • Odysseus's Challenges In The Book 10 Of The Odyssey

    Book 10 of The Odyssey follows Odysseus as he continues to travel, with the main priority of returning to his homeland and reuniting with his family. Odysseus’s leadership, as well as his loyalty to his crew members and family, is constantly threatened by many obstacles along his journey, with things like temptation and greed. Book 10 begins with Aeolus giving Odysseus a sack of winds that will blow him home, telling him to keep it closed or else they will return to his island. Odysseus,…

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  • The Characteristics Of Poor Leadership In Homer's The Iliad

    Poor leadership is devastating in The Iliad. Homer recognizes this, making a particular effort to demonstrate what traits constitute effective leadership. It is crucial, therefore, to determine exactly how Homer presents this idea in order to gain a coherent understanding of his beliefs. With Homer’s convictions in mind, the individual gifts of these war leaders shine rather brightly. One can then begin to analyze them, deciding for oneself who fits Homer’s ideas the best. Assuredly, each of the…

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  • Odysseus: A Powerful Hero In The Odyssey By Homer

    three obstacles were overcome by the great Odysseus in The Odyssey by Homer. His courage saved his men time and time again, proving he was a valiant hero. During his journey, he became a noble leader, full of determination to get home. Through the roughest of the rough and the toughest of the tough he’s displayed a near perfect quintessence of a storybook hero. Odysseus is a dedicated warrior with several qualities that build up a strong leader, such as his cleverness, his ability to keep…

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  • Role Of Zeus In The Odyssey

    or indirectly in any way for Odysseus ' safe return (491). Zeus makes his first appearance in the Odyssey in book I as he berates humankind for blaming the gods for their woes, "[a]h how shameless--the way these mortals blame the gods . . . with their own reckless ways, compound their pains beyond their proper share" (37-40). In a way, Homer…

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