My Bad Experiences in High School Essay

  • The Importance Of My Experience In High School

    High school in the United States was a good experience for me in terms of education and how well I did in my classes compared with the bad grades I used to get in my home country, Peru. However, my experience as a high school student in Peru was more fun and memorable since I used to fool around a lot with teachers and classmates and never paid attention in classes. As a result, I would always get kicked out of class by teachers for distracting other students. So I did not have good grades. I have changed a lot since I came here and become more mature. When I came to this country and started school, I focused more on my classes since I needed to learn English. I had no other choice but to pay attention. Since I did not speak any English I felt that some of the people at Fairfield Ludlowe High School didn’t want to speak to me, because they knew I wouldn’t understand them. Also, my classmates in Fairfield grew up going to school together so they had their own groups of friends. My only option was to focus on studying, and slowly I started to have good grades in my classes. This was a good experience for me because I learned a lot; the negative part of my experience in high school was that I didn’t have many connections with my classmates as I would have liked. This happened for several reasons. First Fairfield Ludlowe high school was a very large school with little racial diversity. The second reason was the language. At first it was difficult for me to communicate with my…

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  • Reflective Essay On Bad Behavior

    I am originally from Santa Ana and I have had bad behavior problems. I’ve always been a troublemaker during my life; no one could stop me. My parents tried to change the habit of changing my life around ,and act the proper way of acting. Peers try to fix my problems, but I would not make the good choice. I've been getting into fights, going to Juvenile Hall, and be in danger with the problems I was in. School was not for me, At the time, I would have rather been with my friends than in school…

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  • Personal Narrative Journey: The Challenges Of My Education Trail

    The education trail My education trail is like a roller coaster as well as the experience. For the past four years it has felt like one too. The only difference is that it isn’t the one I’m on and for now. That’s how my school years had been like and only from high school. My trail could go way back to elementary but I prefer that to go back to four years before college. The ups and downs are like good and bad experiences I’ve dealt with. Common as it is there are good and bad liken any other…

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  • Essay About My School Experience

    touches a heart”. (Author Unknown) Looking back on my education and school life, I have realized I am one lucky student. I had experienced many teachers in my life, but I also learned from all my teachers. I remember mostly good things about my schooling experience, and a small amount of bad memories. Good versus bad is just part of life, and as a teacher in progress, it is my duty to learn from my school experiences and utilize my memoires of good and bad for my own students benefits to have a…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Public High School

    “School can bind as effectively as it can liberate; it can enforce conformity and limit life chances as well as foster individual talent” (Colombo, 107). I attended DuBois Area High School, which is a public high school in a middle class town. There was about 1200 students in my school so I knew a lot of people but I would see new faces almost every day. I believe there are good things and bad things about public high schools because they have good and bad programs, they push you to go to…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Education In High School

    In today’s society education is everything. What we learn in High School is growing in importance as a proper foundation for our College education, and ultimately our real world application. If you talk to any High School student you will hear a common complaint about their teacher’s. About how there’s that one teacher who they cannot understand or learn from to save their grades. Unfortunately, faculty members will never know that this is a problem because a majority of student’s will accept…

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  • Advantages Of Working A Part Time Job Essay

    part-time job while they are attending to school. According to Etzioni 's essay, Working at McDonald’s, state that students become bad influence by working on fast food restaurants like McDonald. One of the disadvantages to working and study at the same time is that students could do no attend classes regularly because the student after work can feel tired and with no energy to do the school work. Another disadvantage could be a student who is working could experience high levels of stress.…

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  • Transition To High School Essay

    middle school to high school was nothing like I expected. Before entering high school, for some odd reason, I envisioned high school to be like High School Musical. Unfortunately, I was mistaken; the transition to University High School was so tremendous I went from being from the top of my class of my middle school class to the low end of the spectrum. My whole high school experience is one of the most challenging incidents I confronted. Most people do not understand how demanding and rigorous…

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  • My Goals In High School

    Many things happened in my high school years and transformed me, I used to wait until the last minute for everything and set no goals for myself. There were many things that changed me, I like the person I am today and hope this all leads me to be successful. Even if I do fail, I take what I learned and promptly get back on my feet. I Went from being less mature to having an adult mindset on everything I do even on the most trivial things I take seriously. My time at WHS and the WACTC…

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  • Mike Rose I Just Wanna Be Average Analysis

    They say high school is supposed to be some of the best times of your life, but for Mike Rose it is a completely different story. “I Just Wanna Be Average” is an essay written by Mike Rose about how his score and another student’s score were mixed up and Mike was sent to a vocational school. After being at a vocational school, he changed for the worst as a student until the error was found, and he was sent to college prep classes where Jack MacFarland changed him back to a caring student. There…

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