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  • Charles Dickens Morality

    REPRESENTATION OF CRIMINAL CHARACTERS Charles Dickens writes about the lower classes and the activities in the underbelly of London society.We see some characters doing illegal,nasty and sometimes horrifying things,yet Dickens is careful to give at least some of these lower-class characters a code of ethics ,adding realism and respectability.The character that perhaps best embodies such a code of ethics is Nancy,and looking closely at her scenes can lend great insight into our reading of Oliver…

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  • Radio: Infantilization Themes In Film

    After I watched Radio, I realized that it was one of the movies included in the Cinematic Representation article by Renwick, Schormans, and Shore (2014). This article found two themes present in the films they analyzed: A simplification of occupational participation and infantilization. They portrayed Radio as someone who was nearly always happy. He rarely showed anger or sadness, until his mother passed away. His emotional dynamics were not as evident as other characters I saw in the movie.…

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  • Christmas In American Culture

    Christmas is known for many things – feasts, gifts and presents, Santa Claus, decorating the Christmas tree with tinsel and ornate ornaments, but where did all of these traditions come from? America isn’t the only country that has trees or feasts in the winter months, so where did all of this Christmas fun originate, if not from here, and how did it get here to be celebrated in the first place? Well, to find out, you can start with the gifts that you get on Christmas day, and the cards that you…

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  • Santa's Coming To Town Research Paper

    Santa’s Coming To Town Christmas time, a time usually in connotation with joy, family, milk and cookies, and Christmas classics such as A Charlie Brown’s Christmas and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. As a young boy or girl, everyone has their stories of Santa Claus, from wanting to touch his beard or telling him what you want for Christmas. Christmas has grown into not just celebrating Jesus’ birthday (if that’s what you believe in), but instead as a holiday for lots of gifts. The idea for…

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  • Oliver Sun Light And Dark Essay

    Oliver Twist and Amari are young individuals who live in a society that does not entirely respect them for their social status. Oliver, being raised as an orphan and Amari, coming from a small village of Africa, struggle to gain some self-control over their own lives as they are shuffled around from place to place getting exploited in every way possible. Author, Charles Dickens of Oliver Twist and Sharon Draper of Copper Sun demonstrate that when society presents obstacles with extreme injustice…

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  • Santa Research Paper

    The Truth About Santa Currently, the Postal Office has a program called “Letters from Santa”. This program allows parents send their children’s letters addressed to Santa Claus, North Pole. They also send the response from Santa in the same envelope, and the Post Office return the response to the kids. In addition, the Postal Service has a program named “Operation Santa”, in which, many postal employees respond to the letters by providing a written response signed by Santa, while other Post…

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  • The Way Of The Wordsmith Analysis

    The Way of the Wordsmith By Keenan D. Davis Nicholas Lemann’s interview; and subsequent critique of Frank Luntz’s methodology, highlighted both the simplicity and complexity of finding the right words to effectively persuade individuals not of a similar mindset. The ultimate assumption being the naivety of the individual targeted for persuasion. If one has an informed opinion on a subject it is harder to manipulate their understanding of it with empty rhetoric. Too often the general…

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  • London Of Darkness

    The representation of the London of ‘light’ and the London of ‘darkness’ has evolved throughout the history of literature; this change can be explored and observed when comparing the topics of the country and the city within popular literary works of art. Within Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist the countryside is viewed as the London of ‘light’ while the city is viewed as the London of ‘darkness’. These themes are brought out by the realism Dickens uses in relation to the period in which his novel…

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  • Synopsis Of The Story 'Safe Haven' By Nicholas Sparks

    Haven is a place in which a person can seek safety and be given a chance to start over. This story is about a young woman named Katie, who’s life has been changed by an abusive and egotistic ex-husband. This story is proudly named “Safe Haven” by Nicholas Sparks because Katie goes seeking a new place to start a new life, where she would be forever safe from her ex-husband. Throughout the story, Katie changes by learning to overcome being abused, adapting to a new environment, and developing…

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  • Comparison Of Julius Caesar And Czar Nicholas Ll.

    Nicholas experienced despite being raised in a palace a happy upbringing in the Romanov household. Educated by several tutors, Nicholas studied languages, history, sciences, horsemanship, shooting, and dancing. What he was not schooled in, unfortunately for Russia, was how to function as a monarch. Czar Alexander III, healthy and robust at six-foot-four, planned to rule for decades. At the age of nineteen, Nicholas joined an exclusive regiment of the Russian Army and also served in the horse…

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