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  • Tsar Nicholas II Downfall

    Nicholas II played a vital, negative role in contributing to his complete downfall during the early 20th century. His reluctance to become Tsar was a major factor that contributed to his own demise. The release of the October Manifesto in 1905 was one of the key events that led to the end of Tsar Nicholas’s rule over Russia. Tsar Nicholas’s poor leadership in World War 1 as well as his weak-willed personality was also issues that further contributed to the collapse of the Romanov Dynasty. These…

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  • Unpopularity Of Tsarism In 1905

    Nicholas refused the establishment of an elected, democratic parliament until this was forced upon him as a result of the 1905 revolution. Moreover, the Tsar had his own secret police otherwise known as the Okhrana who often used arbitrary arrest, detention…

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  • Research Paper On Hemophilia

    Hemophilia is a medical condition in which the ability of the blood to clot is severely reduced causing the sufferer to bleed severely from even a slight injury. There are four types of Hemophilia which are Hemophilia A-Also called classic hemophilia, it is four times more common than Hemophilia B, and it occurs when factor VIII levels are deficient, Hemophilia B-Also called christmas disease, it occurs when factor Xi levels are deficient, Hemophilia C-It occurs when facts of XI levels are…

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  • Monarchist Criticism Of Tsar Nicholas II

    national problems in the Russian Empire to Russian nationalism and conservatism. In addition to this, he is a recipient of IREX awards for research. In his work, Monarchists Against Their Monarch: The Rightists Criticism of Tsar Nicholas II, he addresses the criticism of Tsar Nicholas II from the point of view belonging to the monarchists. Though there was a positive side to the monarchist movement, there was a very negative side to it as well, and they believed that the Tsar himself caused the…

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  • Was Tsar Nicholas Responsible For The Fall Of The Romanov Dynasty Essay

    To what extent was Tsar Nicholas Responsible for the fall of the Romanov dynasty Tsar Nicholas was responsible for the fall of the Romanov dynasty and accelerating the russian revolution. Tsar Nicholas was a major cause of the downfall but his wife tsarina and Rasputin also contributed. The tsar left to the war which was already creating uproar in russia as it was weakening the economy, creating worldwide hunger and unhappiness throughout. Unhappiness lead to demonstrations that developed into…

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  • The State Duma

    aristocratic ties to the early fifteenth century. The original State Duma was demolished in the seventeen hundreds and was revived in 1906 after the crisis of 1905. It was a corrupt branch of government that was relatively ineffective on account of Tsar Nicholas II and his ability to veto any legislation passed up by the Duma senate. The original State Duma was established in the fourteenth century and consisted of the patricians of Russia. The princes of Moscow would meet unofficially with…

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  • Was Russia Ready For Revolution By 1903 Essay

    Nicholas II 's financial advisor, Sergei Witte oversaw this project and employed many foreign advisors, workers and designers from other European countries such as The United Kingdom, Germany and France. Witte invested millions of dollars into building roads…

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  • Vladimir Lenin's Life

    In 1917, Russia went through the most drastic political change in the country’s history. The Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin, over threw Czar Nicholas II, whose family had been in control of Russia for over 300 years. After the Bolsheviks took power, Vladimir Lenin began to rebuild Russia. His focus was primarily in the political and economic spheres of Russian Life. Lenin did not place much of an importance on the cultural sphere of Russian life. This led to a period of tolerance in which…

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  • How Did Alexander II Change Russia

    Alexander II’s reforms changed Russia more than any other events from 1855-1905. The most significant of these reforms The Emancipation of the Serf’s freed the people from the land. Serfdom had long been seen as the symbol of the superannuated Russian system holding Russia back from real progress. The emancipation had some significant advantages for Russia: it created a movable industrial workforce, a better military it changed the structure of Society and it abolished it without Civil War or…

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  • Who Is Responsible For The Tsar's Downfall

    Tsar Nicholas ll played a large role in the contribution to his own downfall due to his character and actions that lead to the key events of Bloody Sunday and World War 1. Firstly the Tsars uneducated and disinterested character lead him to have the inability to perform the role of a tsar which lead to many inconvenient decisions. In addition his neglectful, irresponsible and inhuman treatment of his subjects lead to the massacre of Bloody Sunday that decreased his popularity and changed his…

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