Oliver Sun Light And Dark Essay

Oliver Twist and Amari are young individuals who live in a society that does not entirely respect them for their social status. Oliver, being raised as an orphan and Amari, coming from a small village of Africa, struggle to gain some self-control over their own lives as they are shuffled around from place to place getting exploited in every way possible. Author, Charles Dickens of Oliver Twist and Sharon Draper of Copper Sun demonstrate that when society presents obstacles with extreme injustice due to their social status, people need to overcome those obstacles to reach a prosperous life. This has been depicted in both novels through the use of the symbolism of light and dark, the motif of false identity and the characterization of the protagonist. …show more content…
As the sun sets and the light fades into darkness, it symbolizes the forces of evil that emerge at night. During the night, sailors commit the sinful crime of raping women. This shows the power of the inferior because their solemn pleads are not heard. Women are petrified and beg to escape this human depravity that they experience when the sun sets. Amari uses the light of the sunrise to help dismiss the darkness of the past and views it as the awakening of a better day. One morning on Amari’s journey to escape slavery, “the sun dawned slowly, brightening the forest. The sun brightly illuminated not only the road, but also Amari’s spirits. She could barely contain her nervous anticipation with images of neatly cobbled streets surrounded by safe stone walls facing in her head” (Draper 277). During the day, Amari’s life is slightly better as it presents to her slight hope. The sun is an emblem of glory and happiness. This light gives Amari the power to fight the barriers and encourages her to reach her goal which is a free life without serving as a slave. It also opens her eyes to a new beginning and future possibilities. Oliver and Amari display that although low-class people are constantly put in the dark to struggle, things will brighten at the end to reach a place of happiness and

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