Character Analysis Of Amari's Copper Sun

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Cally Welsh
Hour 5
Copper Sun Analysis Essay

“She looked at the faces in the sea of pink-skinned people who stood around pointing at the captives and jabbering their language as each of the slaves was described,” (Draper, 72). The feeling of Amari being forced to be a slave was heartbreaking. Throughout the novel Copper Sun, Amari the main character shows how strong she was. Even though she was taken from her family and forced into slavery, Amari always stuck through it. Amari showed strength through her thoughts, words, and actions. Even when situations got hard for the three Amari would always push through it. One of the more braver actions in the novel is when Amari steps up and is willing to lead the way to freedom for her, Tidbit, Hushpuppy,
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Amari was quiet but she was also honest. She always pushed through and was strong on the inside and her thoughts definitely made Amari a much stronger person. Amari thought “How could they do this and face their own future? She wondered in horrible confusion. It was just one of many questions for which she had no answer where did these strangers come from? Why do they want to hurt us? How can I continue to live without my family? It took all of her strength not to look at the bodies of her parents” (Draper,16). if Amari was not such a strong person she wouldn’t have been able to persevere through the pain of the death of her parents. She stayed strong mentally throughout the whole entire novel, even when things got tough. When Amari found Besa near the end of the novel “all her memories came rushing back” (Draper, 257). After she talked to Besa and realized things were different she remember when Afi told her to forget him. Amari demonstrated her strength by not staying but by letting him go. Once again, Amari’s strength once again allowed Tidbit, Polly, and herself get closer to freedom rather than being a setback for their …show more content…
Throughout their whole journey to become free Amari, Polly, and Tidbit all struggled with hunger, their mindsets, and their situation. Amari showed her strength through speech by always being the leader and always knowing what to do. Amari was assertive when showing Tidbit and Polly how much she cared. Tidbit asked, “Will you be my mama now, Amari?” (Draper, 283) and she replied “Oh, yes. Forever I will. You be my little boy. Always.” (Draper, 283) This demonstrates her strength by showing her power to love and adapt to new situations even after the worst has happened. She never gave up and her strength is the reason they got to freedom. Overall, Amari showed her strength through her thoughts, words, and actions. Even though Amari, Tidbit, and Polly’s lives were difficult at the time they stayed strong and persevered through it and became free and happy. Despite the long hard journey, they all went through and the difficult circumstances. They can all live without worrying about being a

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