Analysis Of Kabul Beauty School By Deborah Rodriguez

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In The memoir Kabul Beauty School by Deborah Rodriguez went beyond to help women to fulfill their dream and empower them. Rodriguez takes us through a journey filled with stories about her own life and how it is interconnected with the Kabul women in such ways. Rodriguez’s struggle and hard work to open up the Beauty school in Kabul has led to discoveries of afghan women as capable, confident, deeply determined and endlessly resilient. In a country where women have very few opportunities to achieve any independence or to create a social realm for themselves, the beauty school becomes a haven for the Afghan women who are carefully selected to join the ranks of beauticians. In Kabul Beauty School by Deborah Rodriguez, Rodriquez portrays how courage …show more content…
It is shown through her underestimations of the power of the cultural differences in a city that has been torn apart by war for decades. With courage, Rodriguez was able to get out of her own abusive relationship.“ I flew to Afghanistan, where my heart would soon fill with new people to love” (65). Her determination to open up a beauty school,
“ To be part of something bigger and more meaningful—something that gave me the feeling I was helping to save the world,” (56) for the women in Kabul influences her to begin her journey to Afghanistan for a new and better beginning. The author’s courage is depicted through her persistent collaboration with her students to keep the beauty school and salon open and also her own cultural humiliation with warm
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Courage is a quality that is evident in many characters. Young women like Topekai, Baseera, nahida and many others overcame all the hardship freed themselves from exploitations and control from brutal husbands. They challenged the society when they looked down on them. They found a new sense of freedom when the beauty school opened. Throughout the memoir, the author grows and learns with her students. She helps to earn them their freedom and self-discovery in their society with her many courageous act. Courage is within everybody, and it can appear at the most unlikely

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