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  • Troy Kell Injustice In Prisons

    they first arrive. When it was time for him to fight, he fought and the way Kell carried himself in prison, it caught the eye of the older inmates. The particular inmates Kell met, took him under their wings and taught him everything that he would need to know about surviving in prison or what the text refers to as the “Inmate Code.” With the help and guidance from the older inmates, Troy gradually climbed rank and was no longer someone to fight…

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  • What Are Your Motivation And Motivated Capabilities

    5. Your motivations and motivated capabilities: a. What are your extrinsic motivations? The need to provide a stable, healthy, and awesome environment for my family by providing a lifestyle that demonstrates our position and education levels in life. Aka keeping up with the Jones b. What are your intrinsic motivations? The need to provide my best effort as I will be judged and I want to measure up and succeed in as many of life’s endeavors that I can. Internal drive to not be embarrassed. A…

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  • Parents Of College Students

    “While parental involvement might be the extra boost that students need to build their own confidence and abilities, over-parenting appears to do the converse in creating a sense that one cannot accomplish things socially or in general on one’s own,” wrote the authors, two professors from California State University Fresno…

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  • High School Journey Essay

    I was a teenager in high school just like you guys and it was a tough path to overcome. I am here to help you through your high school journey and to give you advice on how me and you kids can conquer it. During, my time in high school it was difficult and stressful with the amount homework or projects given. I also was dealing with the amount time I had because of sports and on top of that, with the AP classes that I had taken. I loved playing sports in high school especially volleyball, cross…

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  • Analysis Of Alfie Kohn's How Not To Get Into College

    never comes any closer" (Kohn, 9). He means no matter how hard you try to find easy ways to get good grades, your intellect abilities would remain the same. I myself didn 't take anything in summer school to fast track anything because I knew I would need certain skills in order to survive in college/university. However, most of my friends did take summer school for English and are currently taking Xyna for other courses such as Physics. Their schedule consists of two spares in each semester…

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  • The American Dream And Happiness

    stop fighting for their dream and just give up will never fulfill their happiness. These people who halt give reasons such as they will continue later or there is no reason to continue; however, these are not good or acceptable reasons because people need to fight for their happiness and earn it, without a struggle people will never feel satisfied. Even though complications make it more difficult to achieving success, in the end pushing through them and not giving up will lead to happiness,…

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  • Short Story On Raindrops

    Raindrops. Drip. Drip. Drip. Clouds, gray and hiding any sign of sunlight. It looks miserable and cold but it matches my mood so it doesn 't bother me. I need to get out, It 's horrible to be stuck in this room. I want to be out in the rain. Peeling myself away from the window, I can the floor for my hoodie and Converse. "Where could they be?" I mutter, kicking clothes around. My toe clips the edge of a shoe hidden underneath a pile of clothes. I freeze as the pain pulses from my foot. Angrily,…

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  • Reflective Essay: Stress Is Good Student

    with, the person didn’t know what he was talking about until he asked him and started talking to him. He explained that he didn 't want to finish high school nor go to college because he didn 't have anyone to make them happy or feel that he accomplished something for someone. This made many people realize that there are students that don’t have the support of anyone to keep them motivated into succeeding. The district at times also doesn 't help the students in their needs and that what makes…

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  • 365 Day In High School Research Paper

    I know it’s not possible, but it feels like I’m being watched, why did I stay up? I should have slept this off, this is not where I want to be. I need to get away from this, but how ham I am going to sleep when I can feel them staring, seeing as I see, why won't they leave. Time is beginning to pass quicker, the madness is creeping in, I can’t be that way, I can’t be the people who I’m not sorry for. I need to finish more, I need to show that Void and that I won’t…

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  • The Importance Of Effective Teacher

    their students. In my construction class, I know the importance of effective lessons and preparing my students for the next chapter in their lives. Regardless of the course an educator teaches, there is a list of standards provided by the state and districts that teachers must follow. Effective teachers look at those standards and narrow them down to the power standards or what a student needs to know to be successful. In addition to the power standards, I need SMART goals, learning outcomes and…

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