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  • Running Into The Woods: A Short Story

    about my older friend Adam and my cousin Andrew. They were both fairly mischievous as children, And they decided that they needed weapons to play cops and robbers effectively. They also wanted to make armor they told me, but apparently grandpa didn 't know how to make wooden armor sadly. They told me of their adventures when they were just kids, Running around the woods getting poison ivy. But eventually they struggle through their challenges and reach their goals. On a gentle summer afternoon…

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  • Becoming A Nurse Practitioner Essay

    a nurse, then a doctor, then back to a nurse, then to a physician’s assistant, until I finally found my match. I feel that I can enjoy my job while helping those in need. But, then I realized there are so many more people that need helped in the entire world, not just the community I would work in. I feel called to serve those in need. My trip to Guatemala was a life changing experience, but it soon became a sad thought when I was there, in…

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  • Workout Setting

    be more active. One of the big things a facility needs to fulfill are the needs of people wanting to use the facility. It is important that there is a variety of purposes. Each purpose should be satisfied for the different categories of people present within the setting. Support is a big factor when it comes to working out. Everyone needs to know that they are in a safe environment. One should feel comfortable to perform the exercises that they need to in order to reach the goals they have set…

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  • Ethical Accounting Practices

    I understand, however, in the competitive world we live in we are tempted to deceive others for our benefits. However, numbers are not viewed respectively, though they may be altered, they remain the same. We need to know the facts about how well a company is doing. It is not right for a company to use practices that solely benefit them. The truth will come out and not only ruin the company but leave its marks on those innocently involved. That would leave only…

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  • Examples Of Influence Essay

    Influence Matters: Becoming Who We Are “Be careful what you say and do, you never know who is watching you!” "Be careful who you look up to, you will begin to mimic their actions and attitudes!" We all have had someone say these words to us throughout our lives, but sometimes we wonder if it is true. Does influence truly have an impact on me? Is there really anyone that is watching me and looking up to me? Whether we realize it or not, influence plays a huge role in our everyday lives. Others…

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  • Explain How A Lesson Plan To Support Individual Learning Needs

    My lesson plan supports individual learning needs because I give all the children a chance to create, explore and manipulate all different types of materials. By doing this I can be sure to help each one build up on their needs and weaknesses. Plus, while I am doing this I can see what changes need to be made to my curriculum, environment and with my community. In my center, we provide high quality care to all children of all different races, colors and ethnicity. There are so many things to…

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  • Why Laying Tag Is As Important To Your Child's Future As Reading Analysis

    After reading the article “ Why laying Tag is as Important to Your Child’s Future as Reading”, I’m feeling sad and like I have a lot of work to look forward to as a teacher. I didn’t realize it had gotten so bad that children don’t know how to be chaotic anymore. That is like a child’s main purpose in life. I feel like we have hurt our future generation so baldly, that there may be no going back. I think of my own generation the 90’s children. The 90’s was the era of technology, that 's when it…

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  • How To Achieve Diversity In The Workplace

    is a good step in having a more diverse workforce but we cannot stop there. Just because someone is hired in does not mean that they will advance. Leaders need to take advantage of having such a diverse workforce and not be afraid to advance someone based off their gender, ethnicity, culture, or age. Leaders and everyone in the workforce needs to get it out of their head that a certain person only got hired because of affirmative action. I have heard that too many times and it usually is not…

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  • Socioeconomically Disadvantages

    Socioeconomically disadvantaged is a term that applies to many people that come from the country/island I come from. Born in Puerto Rico, with immigrant family originally from the Dominican Republic was not easy for me, and as of today, it is not easy for any Dominican. The same way there is racism in the United States against minorities, Dominicans are considered a minority between Puerto Ricans. Notwithstanding, I also had to deal with numerous financial issues. I attended public schools all…

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  • Personal Narrative: Nobody Believed

    their goals. I am that person, I had three goals, lose weight, enter to a university and find work that I will love. Everything began when I was 14 years old, and when I heard the other people’s opinion about me. People said that I am fat and I need to lose weight. All my family members and some friends said that I am overweight. I realized that I can be better and I can lose weight not for them, but for myself. From that moment I started to work on myself. Nobody knew that I started to…

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