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  • Analysis: The Book Of Nehemiah

    The book of Nehemiah was authored by Ezra between 445 and 420 B.C. It records the events of the Jews returning to Jerusalem and rebuilding the wall that once stood strong and protected them from their enemies. Nehemiah started out as the king of Persia’s cup bearer and was eventually commissioned as a governor. Before entering into the leadership of Nehemiah the Jewish people had been exiled for over seventy years, Jerusalem had been completely destroyed, and the temple had been burned in 586 B.C. Zerubhabar led the first group of Jewish exiles to return and begin the rebuilding phases of the temple. Ezra led the second group, and Nehemiah proceeded him. The Persians dominated the Near Eastern world at the time, however they allowed the Jews…

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  • The Book Of Malachi

    oracle of the word of The Lord to Israel through Malachi”. Which meaning that the prophet Malachi wrote the book of Malachi and the words came from The Lord himself. The book of Malachi was written between 569 and 440 BC. Malachi is the last book in the Old Testament and was meant to show people how far away from God they really are. The first return from Babylonian exile the first time when Cyrus was king. Possibly the return of Haggai and Zechariah from Jerusalem. They prophesized that the…

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  • Analysis Of Nehemiah: Confession For The Breaking Of Covenant

    Confession for the Breaking of Covenant (vv.5-7) After his passionate reaction to the news, Nehemiah turns to God in prayer demonstrating his faith in God. In the prayer, Nehemiah reveals to us the true origin of the crisis in Jerusalem. He had insight that the crisis was not just about the shame and reproach the people nor was it about the broken walls but about a broken covenant and a broken relationship. To Nehemiah, God is “the covenant God who both makes and preserves the covenant with his…

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  • Analysis Of Slavery Is Not Oppressive By Nehemiah Adams

    Nehemiah Adams was a Congregationalist minister in Boston, Massachusetts. Due to health reasons, the minister travelled for 3 months within South. The author’s article “Slavery Is Not Oppressive” will be discussed here. The reason that this article came up was because the author believed that black slaves were actually living a life of luxury, which he witness when he was travelling around in South. Adams state that his first impression of the black slaves was that they were all treating him…

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  • Nehemiah's Leadership Analysis

    Nehemiah 8:10 reads, “Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.” Nehemiah was one of many of the Bible’s great leaders, but his strength to lead did not come from himself but rather from God above. Nehemiah rightly understood that he could not do it on his own. Instead, with God working through him, Nehemiah was able to guide the Israelites in the rebuilding of Jerusalem. In the following essay, Nehemiah’s biblical leadership, his perseverance, and its practical application for…

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  • Ezra And Neehemiah Analysis

    Compare and contrast the spiritual condition at the time of the captivity to that of the returning exiles in Jerusalem under Ezra and Nehemiah, and then apply what you have learned to evaluate the spiritual condition of the American church. Use the prophets in your answer. The differences between Ezra and Nehemiah are substantially different of the course of how Ezra change Jerusalem to Nehemiah. Ezra spiritual condition had not foundation, moral or ethical conduct to different religions…

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  • Euthanasia Essay: God's Attributes Of Justice

    In this verse Nehemiah receives word about God’s people and how they were being mocked, the disorganization, and the wall needing to be rebuilt. Nehemiah a man of God confesses the sin of not obeying God not only for himself but for the Israelites. He prayed to God with great humility professing the greatness of God asking for mercy. Nehemiah went with the confidence that God had restored or redeemed him and conquered the rebuilding of the wall. One key factor here is to notice how Nehemiah went…

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  • Essay On Juvenile Offenders

    juvenile justice system, a system that prosecutes these criminals more leniently due to their age immaturity (Chiou 1). There are countless cases of young people opening fire, causing multiple fatalities, and still being tried and sentenced in the juvenile justice system. For example, in 2013, Nehemiah Griego, age 15, shot and killed his mother, father, 9-year-old brother, and younger sisters ages 5 and 2. Fox News states that Nehemiah told authorities that he was annoyed with his mother and had…

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  • Vertical Organisational Structure

    If the focus is taken off of the unique value of each individual worker, the organization will not operate to its full potential. I would show my genuine concern for the staff that I manage by effectively communicating, providing the resources necessary to make their jobs run efficiently, leading with honest and ethical integrity, and inspiring them by example. I would work hard to establish unity within the teams so that they maximize productivity and feel connected to an overall goal.…

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  • Facts About Teen Killers

    crime though; they are committing first degree murder, second degree murder and manslaughter. What would happen to these teens? The US Supreme Court ruled in 2012, that juveniles could not be sentenced to life in prison without parole if they commit a murder. Reason being if they were put with inmate’s teens could not get out of dangerous situations. A kid is a kid till they commit a crime, and no kid should ever get away with murder. Some teens kill for no reason, some kill for many…

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