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  • Reflective Essay: How Reading Changed My Life

    with me, but I had absolutely no interest in it. She thought I would get into reading if I had something I was interested in, in that sense she bought me Hannah Montana books. I was totally engrossed with Hannah Montana at the time, but my mom didn’t know that all the books were already on the television.…

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  • Personal Learning Habits

    knowing exactly what is expected of me with no surprises. It is very beneficial for me as a learner to have examples to refer to when I need assistance. My precision learning pattern has a score of 29, which is also in the use first range. Again, not surprising considering the type of person I am. I am the type of learner who has to ask tons of questions. I need to know every piece of information about what it is I am about to tackle, weather it has relevance or not. I really enjoy being the…

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  • Staff Training Essay

    Why waste time/money on staff training if you don’t know what, if anything, your staff are learning? Investing time and effort in training employees (or volunteers/partners) and then never verifying how much they actually learned is short-sighted, penny-wise and pound foolish (a.k.a stupid). Certainly, everyone takes it for granted that certifications have a test associated with them. First Aid, Lifeguarding, WMIS, CPA and driver’s licenses all require testing to confirm that a minimum level…

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  • Technology Affecting Students Education

    Students’ education has changed over the years and the reason for it is technology. For hundreds of years teachers have used books, paper, and pencils to teach their students, but for the last few years technology has become part of everyone’s life in one way or another. Students and teachers are getting their technology through the classroom and it has impacted student learning. Technology has positively impacted student learning because they have more motivation, self-esteem, are completing…

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  • The Importance Of Common Core Standards In The United States

    Anyone who has had a social media account over the last couple of years has probably seen a video of some parent trying to explain the tedious steps involved in their child’s math homework. What caused this slew of videos? Common Core standards. The frustration among parents is very clear, and it all seems to be for a program that is not proving itself to be anything more than a headache. Common Core has shown itself to be a huge letdown to students, teachers, and parents around the country.…

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  • Gender Stereotypes In Pretty Hurts By Beyonce

    change the minds of young women who follow this idea of perfect? What is causing today 's society to think like this? Text one. According to the song “Pretty Hurts” by Beyonce her lyrics explain how young women are trapped in the mindset that they need to meet this expectation of beauty that the media holds. We see this when she says, “Mama said you 're a pretty girl. What 's in…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Calculator In The Classroom

    so much on calculators to get to the right answer becomes a scary place, because now there is the worry that students could also become content in their knowledge and no longer feel the need to expand and learn new things, because as long as they have the basic formula’s down, they wouldn’t actually need to know how to solve a problem, they could just put it into a calculator knowing that their answer will be correct – assuming they have the right formula and entered it in…

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  • Putting Electronics In Schools

    Schools now are integrating the use of electronics more and more. There is a belief that this can be helpful to children or it could be harmful. Before the use of electronics in schools the only way to write your notes and turn papers in were to handwrite them. There was never a different way to have your notes rather than writing them until the introduction of electronics now days. The use of electronics in the classroom has many pros to it and can be very helpful to the students.…

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  • The Importance Of Participation Trophys

    be subjective in thinking that all children are the same. Fearing that children will learn to rely on praise, it seems that she feels parents need to rarely give recognition to their children, but before kids develop their skills, they need the encouragement to want to do so. Children need to know that they are doing well while developing their skills to know that they are going in the right…

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  • Reflective Essay On 'Striving For Accuracy'

    Note taking was big for both classes and I need to know a how to do a key thing just like writing a journal/essay I needed to know what the important info was so I could put it in my notes and use it as a tool to use for latter. Finally WR 80 taught me how to write a proper essay and DE 31 taught me how to format an essay. I used these…

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