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  • Zoos Are Inhumane Research Paper

    Dhanishka Pohuja Professor Linda King English 1A- 40396 19 October 2015 Zoos are Inhumane and Animals should not be kept in Captivity Zoos have been around for hundreds of years, displaying wild animals from around the globe for educational purposes as well as a form of entertainment for people. For the context of this research paper, zoo has been defined, by Oxford Dictionaries, as “An establishment that maintains a collection of wild animals, typically in a park or gardens, for study,…

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  • Research Paper On Boycott Zoos

    Boycott Zoos According to many people believe that zoos should be shut down because the zoos cannot provide sufficient space. Animals suffer from Abnormal Repetitive Behaviors and surplus animals are killed or sold to other zoos or dealers. First, zoos cannot provide sufficient space for animals. No matter how big, pretty, or how many branches they place, it won’t compare to the animal’s natural habitat. Animals shouldn’t have a limit on how much space there is to roam. Studies…

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  • Analysis: Should Animals Be Held In Captivity

    Should Animals Be Held In Captivity? Cade B. Animals shouldn’t be in captivity because they are wild animals taken from their homes. According to the text wild animals lose their homes “First, they are put in unnatural settings”, this could be why animals attack. First, animals don’t use their hunter instincts and become lazy. Based on what I read the animals are becoming lazy when they don't have to hunt and those instincts have to come out eventually “as you…

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  • Zoophilia Thesis

    The title of this paper will be “An Examination of Zoophilia: Sexual Desires, Actions, and Orientations” which encapsulates the focus of this essay on bestiality and zoophilia from a sociological perspective. I have two research questions that I will aim to answer as I develop my thesis: how have sociologists described zoophilia in comparison to how zoophiliacs characterize their sexual desires and actions? and is zoophilia an appropriate and valid sexual orientation as examined through a queer…

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  • Comparison Essay On Pet Owners

    All pet owners share one characteristic, their love for animals. The similarities pretty much end there as peoples’ personalities and behaviors differ based on what pet they own. Most people choose a pet that reflects themselves and that they can enjoy their activities with. Well over half of the people in the United States own a pet; however, the personalities of these people differ drastically based on the type of pets they own: dogs, cats, exotics (small mammals, avian, amphibians, reptiles,…

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  • Why Zoos Are Good By Dr. Dave Hone

    Zoos are controversial and there are had been many arguments whether they are beneficial or harmful. Many say zoos are harmful to animals and they affect them mentally and emotionally. Others think zoos are beneficial and do a great job in their efforts to conserve endangered animal populations. Clearly some zoos have issues with the care and treatment of their animals. Overall, zoos are harmful to animals. Zoos force animals to live in a small enclosure which can affect an animal badly. An…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Animal Captivity In Zoos

    Animal Captivity in Zoos Over the past couple of years there has been a controversial topic about zoos. According to Animal Facts, “Many individuals are against animals living in captivity and being “paraded” in front of people for monetary gain. Others believe, for many animals, captivity is the only way their species will survive extinction.” Some people are for captivity and some are against. There are many reasons why people don’t like animals in captivity. A lot of scientist say that…

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  • Do Animals Die Prematurely In Zoos

    In the film “blackfish” it talks about how whales and other sea wildlife are kept in cages about the size of the animal making it nearly impossible for them to swim around. Also making them do tricks for food and when failing to do so, starves all of them so the other animals turn and attack the other so it will do the…

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  • Hippopotamus Natural Environment

    The hippopotamuses captive environment is much different to its natural environment. In its captive environment it eats ,daily, 30 pounds of Timothy hay and one and a half gallons of grain. They also receive enrichment treats of apples, carrots and lettuce. In the hippopotamuses natural environment they eat short cropped patches of vegetation that are preferred to be easily chewed and they travel very far distances to do so; up to 6 miles. Hippopotamuses in the wild also sometimes very rarely…

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  • Paula Fitzsimmon: The Ethical Use Of Circus Animals

    “We need to ask ourselves: is it fair to make inherntly- wild animals preform unnatural behaviors- balance on balls, wear huamn clothes, jump out of water on comand… for our entertainment?” This was the question of Paula Fitzsimmons who is very passtionate about saving wild animals. She highlighted one of the serious issues that one hasn’t sat down and thought about. Although circuses have used animals for many years doesn’t mean the animals are treated like they should be. Initially, circuses…

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