Theme Of Naturalism In The Great Gatsby

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To thoroughly understand the relationships between themes, a theme can be analogous to a wild animal (#8). There can be many wild animals in a vast open area, but in many smaller areas, there may be just one. As for literature, many complex novels possess multiple themes, but, commonly, short stories and other pithy pieces of writing possess a single theme shown throughout the book. Be that as it may, wild animals also possess the inclination to rival each other; themes acquire the same inclination. Two themes common in American literature that are subject to polarization are the theory of Naturalism and the theme of the American Dream. Naturalism states that human nature is hereditary, incurable, and comes from socialization. The American …show more content…
Like Nick, James traveled to New York to find financial success; however, his endgame was to become so well known and wealthy that he would reunite with Daisy, his long-lost love. Daisy was a big part of the American Dream for Gatsby because “her voice is full of money;” she was as high an accolade as “the king’s daughter” or “the golden girl” (120). James may have achieved financial success, but he had not achieved a life with Daisy, which was his main concern. The reason why James could never have fully achieved his American Dream with Daisy is that he too was born with decency and to reunite with her meant separating her from her husband. Trying to fulfill his American Dream while also being a decent guy would prove to be fatal for James (#7). Some may argue that James had no decency and that is why he achieved financial success, but he displayed his decency many times throughout his life. One of those times was when he bought his father a house once he became wealthy enough to do so. Another one of those times was when he was a young boy trying to “be better to parents,” “read one improving book or magazine per week,” or quit smoking and chewing tobacco (173). Because James was born to a poor family where he learned decencies and Daisy was a careless person who “smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into [her] money or [her]

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