Theme Of Capitalism In The Great Gatsby

Register to read the introduction… His real name was James Gatz. But he had a dream and ambitions of breaking free from the place he was born into. He created a new name for himself that reflected his true self identity. When a rich man Mr. Dan Cody on the yacht stopped at the bay, James warned him of the upcoming wind that would break soon. Mr. Dan Cody saw this young ambitious boy and asked his name and that’s how Jay Gatsby was born. A few years later, Gatsby appears as a very rich and lavish man who is having parties’ every day. It seems that he achieved everything he wanted in life except the love of Daisy whom he met in the …show more content…
He showed her a collection of his shirts that he got from Europe. That’s when we learn Daisy’s true identity: “They’re such beautiful shirts” she sobbed, her voice muffled in the thick folds. It makes me sad because I’ve never seen such – such beautiful shirts before” (92). Daisy was really impressed with how rich Gatsby had become and accepts the love of Gatsby. But Gatsby’s feelings and soul have found unrest in what he saw about Daisy. His final piece for his dreams was to marry a beautiful, nice person from the upper class whom he thought would be Daisy, but what he found was just a fake image of her.. All he saw in Daisy’s eyes was desire, money and richness. Still Gatsby decided to push back his concerns and dives in the relationship which Daisy later rejects. Daisy rejects him after learning about his class and that he didn’t inherit his richness but rather it came from a gray source such as bootlegging.
Fitzgerald ultimately critiques capitalism in this situation. Though Gatsby reached the level of his desire, he was rejected for not so much how he made his money, but for where he was born. Even though he had more money than upper class Tom and Daisy, yet they rejected him based on his origin. As Tom said and Daisy agreed, “It’s up to us, who are dominant race, to watch out for these other races will have control over things….if we don’t look out the white race will be utterly submerged"

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