Characteristics Of The Saber-Tooth Tiger-Cat

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The Saber-tooth Tiger/ Cat
The Sabertooth tiger is all around the world. Many may say they don't know what a saber-tooth is but we seen it throughout our childhood. When we were small we use to watch the movie Ice Age which includes the three friends a mammoth, a sloth and last a saber-tooth tiger. Many have also seen 10,000 b.c which includes a sabertooth tiger, no one should say they haven't seen one because everyone has watched a movie where one was in. A sabertooth isn't a cuddling animal that cares for babies like in the movie Ice Age they are more dangerous than what people make them out to be. The Saber-tooth tiger is a interesting animal that many people would be afraid of if it was still around. An animal who has similarities
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There was a variety of different colors like yellow, white or black many weren't a full color they had a mix of many colors and designs. They measured up to 5.7 feet in length and they weren't very tall their height was up to Four feet. The sabre-tooth tiger may look small in size but weighed up to 200-700 pounds. The sabre-tooth tiger looked much like a lion in size but were much stronger than a lion and regular tiger. The sabre-tooth tigers had two canines that hanged out of their mouth, the canines measured up to 20 cm (8 in). Its jaw could open up to 120 degrees so bite deep into their prey. Sabre-tooths canine teeth grew full size 3 years after their birth. According to new (Admin) a saber tooth wasn't actually a tiger is was more considered a bear and lion. Saber-tooth tigers were mostly relatable to lions because of how they are built except them having a shorter tail which would make it very difficult for them to keep balance. The most powerful body part was the sabertooths back legs and its jaw. It had strong neck muscles so that when it bit into its prey it jaw …show more content…
10,000 years ago there were many different types of saber-tooths there wasn't just one species. Theres i not really a good explanation on how the famous sabertooths went extinct but because other animals were dying because there was not enough resources for them to feed off. That's not the reason why many died according to (DeSantis and Ungar) they predicted that they had plenty to eat and didn't die because of starvation there was more to that. The most popular ones are Machairodus, Megantereon, and last the smilodon. The smilodon is the only one with the long canines while the rest of them have medium sized ones but still have similar characteristics. Many think these three are all the same but each of these sabertooth species. Many people always try to argue on how they know that the sabertooth is a tiger. In shocking news the sabertooth is no where close to being related to the modern tigers. The truth about sabertooth tigers is that they were actually classified as a cat. The sabertooth tiger was related able to cats was because of their characteristics and their body figure. Scientist believed that somehow the sabertooth tiger was closely related to a bobcat for how the coat of the animals is it's the same thickness of the body cat and the designs were very rare just like the bobcats fur. Not all the

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