Circus Use And Abuse Of Animals Essay

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“Elephants,tigers,and other animals that the circus use to entertain the adences do not stand on their head, jump through hoops, balance on pedestal because they want to. They perform these and other difficult tricks because they're afraid what will happen if they don't.” - A volunteer from PETA. In the USA there are many laws to help save endangered animals yet something as bad as the circus does not. Circuses should no longer have animal acts due to the abuse and bad nourishment for these wild animals.
Many animals are given a life they do not want to live. Animals in a traveling circus spend 90% of their life chand up or in a cage (Paws 1). Animals in the circus like lions, tigers, bears, and primates spend their life in a small dirty cage.From a young age these animals are chained up with nowhere to
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They whine and cry do to the fact they were pulled away from their mother and wild habitat or taken to live in another cage. They are alone and scared and scolded if they cry. These young animals get no exercise which can affect their life when the get older. The cage the animals are kept in a very small ,so they can be moved easily for travel. They are so small the animal can stand,lay down,switch direction. With a small cage animals have to do everything in the same spot, like eating and sleeping. In the article “Circuses” the author states,“Animals may not have access to basic necessities such as food,water,veterinary care”. The most famous circus animal is the elephant, these large animals can not be keeped in a cage but there life is not any better. Elephants are chained up. To sum it seems they have life better than those locked up. In some way they are right but these animals are stuck standing because sitting on the chain is very painful. In a story a mother elephant was chained by both feet well to men were picking and training a very young baby the ways of the

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