Against Zoos Essay

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Have you ever been to a zoo? Zoos are very popular and everyone has been to at least one, at some point in their life. They are known for showing off the wild animals, and educating you on them at the same time. I don’t think zoos do very well with that. To me, a zoo is a large business that captures wild animals and changes their lives forever. They hold them in captivity and don’t treat them like the should, like wild animals. Many zoos are businesses and known for only caring about the money, and not actually taking care of the animals. Zoos should not hold wild animals captive because it shortens their life and makes the quality of their life worse. Some zoos are known for educating children, however, that is not something all zoos do.
Research from The Guardian news, has shown animals in zoos, are stressed and lack the exercise wild animals get, since they aren’t in the wild. Their lifestyle changes completely and they change from wild animals to the zoo’s personal pets. Not exercising animals shortens their lifespan by half of what it would be if they were in the wild. This issue has been
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What a child fails to see, is the reality of wildlife animals in their natural habitat. Investigations have lead to the discovery of many issues, such as an owner of a zoo sliced a growth off the face of one of the animals in its petting zoo with a penknife, without any anaesthetic, rather than take it to the vet. Another zoo that was investigated by the Captive Animals’ Protection Society, feeds animals stale bread and cakes as the majority of their daily diet. Also, just last year another investigation revealed that a large safari park kept its big cats locked in small and dilapidated enclosures for up to 18 hours a day; not being as active as a wild animal normally should, shortens their lifespan

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