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  • Ternary Systems Case Study

    compensate the strength loss due to the reduction of cementitious materials (MgO + SF). From this figure, the effective range of w/s to achieve the highest strength is found in each series. To achieve the optimal compressive strength of over 80 MPa, the mortar mixtures required low SF content (MgO/SiO2 = 60/40) in combination with low water content of w/s = 0.21-0.27 (equivalent to w/cm = 0.30-0.35 (Table…

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  • Roman Technology Dbq Analysis

    Huan Tan, an upper-class Han philosopher, not only supports technology by speaking highly of the mortar and pestle, but also sees an improvement in the mortar and pestle over time, seeing the change of the mortar and pestle from being used with the whole body, to being used with the power of animals, to being used with water power (Document Three). The writer of Document Three, Huan Tan, is biased towards…

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  • The Importance Of Corn To The Colonists

    Equally important for the colonists to survive was to learn how to use available resources and ingredients. The first colonists relied on the supplies they brought. The colonists brought plants and seeds from England, but they had a hard time getting them to grow. The Native Americans came to the colonist rescue. If not for the American Indians showing the colonist native plants and how to cook them along with planting and harvesting them, the colonist would have all died. The colonists came…

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  • Comparing The Colosseum And The Pantheon

    mostly used brick, stone, cement concrete and/or marble. The Romans discovered that substituting the sand in concrete with volcanic ash would make a very strong cement. The Romans also debris, broken pottery and lighter materials into concrete and mortar. They also used wood,ceramics metal, and mudstone. Aqueducts Rome had 11 different aqueducts. They were between 10-100 km long…

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  • Wal-Mart: Significant Changes In The External Environment

    Walmart is facing many challenges and of the challenges outline above stem from the significant changes transpiring in the external environment. Long a disruptor in the retail space, Walmart has historically managed changes in the external environment to gain a competitive advantage. From putting smaller retail establishments out of business, to upending the traditional supply-chain structure and creating the super-center concept, Walmart seemed impervious and unstoppable. However, perhaps no…

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  • Nordstrom's Competitive Advantage

    like Wal-Mart and JC Penney’s that use EDLP pricing models may lose sales due to lack of extra fashion carriers. Nordstrom keeps their competitive advantage through three key components: assortment plan, customer service and its growing brick-and-mortar presence. Nordstrom’s unique assortment plan…

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  • Barnes And Noble Company Case Study Essay

    inventory of books. It has been serving its customers through selling of physical books as their model for many years but it has faced a fierce battle recently to survive in the inevitable era of e-books. The company still depends on physical, brick and mortar stores in driving the business. B &N…

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  • Swot Analysis For Nordstrom

    market. They are located in 30 states across the nation with most of them positioned on the east and west coast of the United States. Nordstrom also has expanded into other channels of retail. Their variety of retail stores include 116 brick-and-mortar stores, an on-line store, and 105 off-price “Nordstrom Rack” stores. They also own multiple private retail channels, a private sale subsidiary ‘HuateLook’, two ‘Jeffery’ boutiques, one philanthropic ‘treasure&bond’ store, and a clearance store…

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  • Differences Between Rome And Han Dynasty

    hours of work; to make labor easier for them to carry out. As an example, the pestle and mortar were created, according to a document, by Fuxi, who was a mythological wise emperor (Doc. 3). The document expands on the development of the pestle and mortar into something more complex and sophisticated. The fact that Fuxi was attributed by the Han philosopher Huan Tuan to be the creator of the pestle and mortar only serves to prove that the Han dynasty respected technology and its advancements. In…

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  • Technology In The Han Dynasty

    The Han Dynasty is well known for the imperial expansions of China. This allowed many trades and communications, such as technology, with other classical empires, more importantly the Roman Empire. During the Classical Period (600 B.C.E- 600 C.E) the Han Dynasty and Roman Empire possessed different attitudes towards technology. The Han, who were more optimistic about technology focused on the outlook, craftsmanship and advancement of technology, while the Romans concept clarified and organized…

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