Mosquito control

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  • West Nile Virus: The Silent Killer

    The Silent Killer It’s small, quick and hungry. It weights less than an ounce, and is about ⅛ inch to ¾ inch long (Mosquito, 2015). There are over 3,500 different species around the world (Mosquito Facts-33, 2014). This creature travels throughout the globe sucking blood from thousands of innocent people and leaving behind welts and taking lives. What is the most dangerous animal in the world? The mosquito. The mosquito can live in many types of environments, reproduce quickly, and can bite you unexpectedly. By educating ourselves about mosquitoes, we can learn about all the diseases they carry and how to prevent and treat these diseases. This knowledge could end up saving your life. Mosquitos have been around for around 100 million years…

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  • Mosquitoes Research Paper

    often hit by a swarm of mosquitoes that are very irritating because of their bites, deadly diseases they may cause, and the sound they make especially during the night. On numerous occasions many of us have fallen victim to irritating and sometimes painful mosquito bites. However, in most cases we often tend to ignore these bites mainly we are not too worried about serious disease, unless one has been reported in our local area. Another reason why most people tend to give very little attention…

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  • Pros And Consequences Of Zika Virus

    All being Amtrak, airports, heliports, and their landing facilities. This can also increase Seattle’s chances of mosquito larvae that contain Zika virus to be brought into the city. Making it easier for the transportation in and out of the state and possibly the country to expose this population to the virus, with stand stills of water that are the breeding grounds of mosquitos. Zika virus as of now has not been detected in any of the mosquitos in the state of Washington, as of now the only way…

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  • Chikungunya Prevention

    According to reports from the Caribbean, (Jamaica specifically), prevention has been aimed toward educating people on how to avoid catching this disease. The health ministries of these islands affected have also taken preventative actions other than education in fogging suspected mosquito breeding grounds as to lower the amount of mosquitos around. Main focus points have been airports as well as seaports, and hotels as well. This is due in part that if an infected visitor were to enter one of…

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  • Essay On Zika Virus

    The purpose of this paper is to inform my classmates on the growing virus, “The Zika Virus.” According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the virus was first discovered in 1947, but the first human case was in 1952 and since then there has been many outbreaks of The Zika Virus. The symptoms will be discussed and along with the locations infected, mode of transmission, complications, the prevention, and the treatment. The writing of this paper was to inform my classmates on the Zika…

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  • Laboratory Diagnosis Essay

    Presence of anti-dengue antibodies inhibits agglutination of RBC. Paired sera are obtained during acute phase and convalescent phase of the dengue with a time interval of more than seven days. In primary infection, the acute-phase serum has low level of antibodies and will later have gradual elevation of HI antibody titres. In secondary infection, there is a rapid rise in HI antibody titres, normally going beyond 1:1280. Prevention and control • Public Health…

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  • Aedes Aegypti Holometabolous

    Aedes aegypti is holometabolous, this type of development stages includes the egg, lava, pupa, and the adult stage. The distinct traits to key out this mosquito are, small palps with white scales. The female mosquito can lay as many as a hundred eggs at one batch, after the eggs are laid down, the eggs develop within two days, and once wet the larvae emerge from the egg shortly after (Christopher, 1960). The larvae then mature over the course of the week or longer, depending on temperature,…

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  • The Spread Of The Zika Virus

    There are many different forms of diseases, illnesses, or viruses being spread around today with many different forms. One such virus has been spreading like wildfire and that virus is known as Zika. This is another virus spread by mosquitos, just like dengue fever. Mosquitos usually breed near warmer climate areas, more clustered in the south or in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, the Zika virus seems to be spreading more than just in those areas. The virus might also be spreading towards the…

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  • Zika Virus Essay

    its way into U.S. borders. Scientists and researchers have now offered to use Genetically Modified (GM) mosquitoes to completely terminate the remaining population, but not much has been done to implement this solution. Many people fear that use of the GM mosquitoes will backfire in the long run, However, this solution has already been put to practice in Brazil, and the technique has proved to be successful. Genetically Modified (GM) mosquitoes are the most effective and least harmful…

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  • Zika Informative Speech

    There’s a good chance since we live in the carribean! The symptoms are similar to those of dengue and chikungunya. So if you See symptoms go see your healthcare provider, if you have traveled to places where the virus is endemic, inform your health provider, and you may be asked for blood test. Could I be treated? The symptoms are self-limiting, which means they will end without treatment, in case of zika they take around a week, however, you can help treating symptoms by getting plenty of…

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