Mosquitoes Research Paper

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Every summer Florida is often hit by a swarm of mosquitoes that are very irritating because of their bites, deadly diseases they may cause, and the sound they make especially during the night. On numerous occasions many of us have fallen victim to irritating and sometimes painful mosquito bites. However, in most cases we often tend to ignore these bites mainly we are not too worried about serious disease, unless one has been reported in our local area. Another reason why most people tend to give very little attention to mosquito bites is because they mainly happen over summer; people completely forget about them, once summer passes and cool dry weather returns. In the past I was personally among the ignorant until I read an old
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For two days I joined him on his routine job, which was to inspect on mosquitoes on a daily basis. Both mornings at dawn, I would join Danny Wicks and his team of mosquito inspectors where we would go out into the woods to conduct the observations. The technique used was that everyone would separately stand on one specific spot for five to ten minutes and count the number of mosquito bites they would experience during this period. We moved to various locations within the county where we noticed that the number of mosquito bites in a given period of time differed depending on the proximity to a body of water, swamps or bush (Pierce, Henry, Blum, & Mueller, 2005).
To enhance the information gathered from the various observations that I conducted during the two days, I administered my questionnaire to several residents of Collier County. Every day after conducting research observations I would administer my questionnaires to several residents of the county and in particular attendants at gas stations, shops and other business premises within the county. Every time I administered these questionnaires I made sure that they were done on different people. This ensured that my sample was rich in

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