Pros And Consequences Of Zika Virus

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Reported in 2015, Seattle, Washington’s population is 684,451 people (Census Bureau, n/d). Amongst the 684,451 residents who live in Seattle approximately 333,878 are males and 334,464 are females, which accounts for the population to be split to 50/50 of its genders (City-Data, 2016). Percentages of age and sex recorded from 2010-2015: under five years of age 5.3%, under eighteen years old 15.4%, sixty five years and older 10.8% (Census Bureau, n/d). According to the data that was reported to the census bureau, most of the population are children or of younger age starting into child bearing age. The ones who are within child bearing age are most likely at risk due to the fact that Zika virus will not only affect their health but also the …show more content…
All being Amtrak, airports, heliports, and their landing facilities. This can also increase Seattle’s chances of mosquito larvae that contain Zika virus to be brought into the city. Making it easier for the transportation in and out of the state and possibly the country to expose this population to the virus, with stand stills of water that are the breeding grounds of mosquitos.
Zika virus as of now has not been detected in any of the mosquitos in the state of Washington, as of now the only way for residents in Seattle and the state of Washington to have a chance of contracting Zika virus if they travel or they have unprotected sex with a person who is infected (Health, W.S, n/d1). Seattle is not like any average city when it comes to mosquitos. Seattle does not have a very high population of mosquitos in their city. On average it typically takes a mosquito’s egg four to five days in hot weather to hatch and grow into adulthood. In cooler temperatures it typically takes mosquitos two to three weeks to hatch and grow into adulthood. With the temperatures in Seattle being cooler and not having very high temperatures they do not have the environment for the mosquito population to grow rapidly to have a problem (Ahern,
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These cases were thought to be higher because of the places residents have traveled to which were: Mexico, Hawaii, and Latin America. After their travels they reported that they became ill when they arrived home. These two viruses cause joint pain, fever, rash, and meningitis and encephalitis can occur as well. The cases for Washington residents who have been affected by mosquito born illnesses’ are relatively low there can still be a possibility that there can an outbreak of Zika virus in the future due to traveling residents (Aleccia,

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