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  • The Importance Of E-Government

    business partners and employees” (Silcock, 2001). In short, governments are aiming to provide better service delivery to its citizens. Traditionally, government services were provided in person and often Individuals would have to walk into a brick and mortar building to speak with a government employee in hopes they could provide assistance. Prior…

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  • Trail Of Tears Vs Choctaw

    Imagine taking a dangerous, long trip. Imagine being forced to move from home in the American Southeast by the United States government to the west, landing in Oklahoma. This route which you take will soon be known as a part of the Trail of Tears. The Trail of Tears refers to the removal of native Native American tribes from their homelands in 1830. Imagine people dying from sickness or exhaustion, as most people are traveling by foot. This pain causes people to cry, which explains how the Trail…

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  • American Sniper Research Paper

    By definition, a sniper is a marksman who maintains close visual contact with an enemy, and shoots from concealed positions or distances. Snipers must excel at long-range shooting, infiltration, camouflage, surveillance, and target acquisitions. Snipers must also posses vast quantities of patience, be able to stay frozen for extraordinarily long periods of time, and outlast their opponents in severe weather. Although women were usually not allowed to become snipers during this time period,…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Online Textbooks

    Online Textbooks When I was in the K-12 school system, I remember at the beginning of every year, the teacher would call us students up by name to sign for an old, hardcover, seven to ten-pound textbook with horrible illustrations on the cover. Then, as the year went on, I was expected to lug this book all over the school building until the end of the year. If I somehow lost track of the textbook, I would be hit with a seventy-five dollar to a two-hundred-dollar bill. I thought I would have to…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Reality Check

    The United States Army Project, My first reality check occur when my hometown suffered Hyperinflation that reach 7649.00% in 1990, so you can imagine how bad it was make a living under those circumstances, when right now our economy have a rate of 0.70% of inflation. In this moment I can use the same phrase that our democrat candidate Bernie Sanders is relaying now in his political campaign Enough is Enough ! that came across my mind due to I was just tire to be the citizen Guinea pig for a…

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  • The Effects Of Music On The Brain

    Music is found in every known culture, past and present, varying widely between times and places. Music has existed since the beginning of time and has continued to evolve into what everyone is familiar with today. Although different people are more familiar with different styles of music, it still helps if they can understand it. As students all over the world are preparing for the real world, they will need to become musically educated if they want to become more successful in life. First,…

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  • Mesa Verde National Park

    The only access to the structures inside the canyon was to literally climb down the shear canyon wall using foot holds. This allowed protection from any outside intruders. They were built with materials found in the surrounding area such as wood, mortar and sandstone. They were used by the ancestral puebloans for over 600 years starting around the 1190 's. These structures served several purposes such as living quarters and storage rooms. Others held symbolic purposes and provides a place to…

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  • Cemex Case Analysis

    CEMEX leverages its competitive advantages to cut operating costs and deliver a final product to the consumer at a lower cost. The company is vertically integrated in the cement industry. This allows them to optimize mining, packaging, and distribution channels (CEMEX, 2018). By doing so, CEMEX can reach a large number of consumers in a timely manner. CEMEX has leveraged technology to decrease costs in operating cement plants allowing the company to invest more in optimizing distribution…

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  • Supreme Vs Gucci Essay

    While Gucci is Gucci, Supreme Reigns Supreme Gucci, the staple luxury clothing brand among the rich and famous around the world. Supreme, the streetwear brand for anybody who’s anybody. Gucci and Supreme are two of the most sought after clothing brands in the world right now, and although Gucci is still a very nice brand, Supreme is far better for a variety of reasons. Things such as Supreme’s prices being lower (at retail), the popularity of Supreme with everyday people, and the exclusivity of…

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  • Graduation Speech: Welcome To The Virtual War Memorial Museum

    Welcome! Welcome to the Virtual War Memorial Museum. Here, you can find stories of veterans from WWII and Vietnam. War often creates traumatic memories that can dramatically change a person’s life, but coming home can be just as tragic as on the battlefield. While WWII soldiers received a hero’s welcome, soldiers from Vietnam weren’t so lucky, being seen as monster in the public eye. Nevertheless, I am grateful for all of the veterans who have served and protected our country, and to those…

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