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  • Criterion-Related Validity Of Personality Testing

    People’s career success is commonly believed to be correlate with their personality. Based on that belief, the personality test has been designed as a hiring tool and most personality tests are presented as questionnaires that applicants are required to fill out during hiring processes. Data shows that personality test has become an industry with $400 million a year and at least 30 percent of organizations in U.S. have used that in hiring practices (Berry et al. 13). Managers are convinced that…

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  • The Importance Of Personality Tests In Testing

    They also have a capacity to demonstrate minimal potential for extreme impact compared to cognitive ability tests. This is the reason why more organizations are joining the band wagon of using these assessments before filling job vacancies. In a survey that was carried out recently, almost seventy five per cent of organizations have either used or are considering the use of personality tests in selection. When viable personality tests are used appropriately, they offer a non subjective data…

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  • MMPI-2 Personality Analysis

    The MMPI-2 is another well-known and highly used personality test. As the original MMPI was published in 1943 and the first update was not released until 1989, there was some controversy. Therefore, the MMPI-2 had to be revised carefully in order to maintain the tests supremacy among the top personality tests. MMPI-2 was designed to primarily focus on the assessment of adults, but also is effective for adolescents (Archer, 2014). The authors had several goals and ideas they wanted to focus…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Why Is Cheerleading A Sport?

    Bring it on. When people think about a typical cheerleader, they always think short skirts, loud voices, and tons of energy. Cheerleaders are not just spirited people in uniform. Cheerleaders are commonly seen on the sidelines of a football game. They normally not thought of as a sport because they cheer for another sport playing like football. Some people may argue cheer is a hobby and not a sport. However, competitive cheerleading is different from sideline cheerleading. Sideline cheerleaders…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Is Cheer A Sport?

    Paige Bloskas WRIT 101-Section 112 Dr. Kerstin Rudolph Is Cheer a Sport? Many people today debate wether cheer is a sport or not. Some people stereotype a cheerleader as merely being a woman standing on the sidelines of games looking perfect, shaking their pom poms, holding signs and yelling chants for football players. However, there is more to cheer than just that. Even if girls standing on sidelines cheering at football games is not a sport, there is also a competitive side of cheer. This…

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  • Persuasive Essay: The Cheerleading Debate

    Cheerleading Debate Cheerleading is a sport, and I can finish this debate once and for all. This debate has been long talked about and I’m here to finish the debate. Cheerleading is a sport and here is a couple of reasons why, including a counter to counter arguments. I will, without a doubt, prove my point. This activity is a sport and injuries can continue if this is not taken into account. Cheerleaders work hard and compete, these are two key elements of a sport. I went to search on…

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  • Speech On Cheerleading

    Have you wondered the reasons for making a sport? For example, if you play soccer, do you know what lead to you making the team? Years or practice? I researched some of the reasons why I think I made the cheerleading squad at my high school. I believe that taking dance lessons, stretching, rehearsing dances and cheers, and my academic record lead up to me making the cheer squad, something I enjoy doing on my freetime. Having experience in something can help you in the long run. I have been…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Love For The Rockettes

    As a dancer, I have developed a love for The Rockettes. The Rockettes are a precision dance company. They were founded in 1925 and have performed in several different places for numerous occasions. There are certain requirements in order to become a Rockette. Some of those include how tall you are and how educated you are in dance. I, however, have been grieving since I was eleven years old because of my height. I have fantasized of becoming a Rockette since I was little, and being short in size…

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  • What Does Cheerleading Mean To Me Essay

    Many say “Cheerleading isn’t just a sport. It’s a way of life”. If you said that to me four years ago, I would have never believed you. Now, there is no question in my mind that this is true. I was on the varsity cheer team at my high school from freshman to senior year. I was on the sideline teams as well as the competition team. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t joined cheer. This sport changed how I view challenges as well as showed me what it means to be a family. Every…

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  • Youth Cheerleading Camps Essay

    Throughout the summer I decided that I wanted to spend most of my time volunteering at youth cheerleading camps. Not only did I get the chance to interact with younger girls and set a good role model, but I also got the chance to work with other girls my age who have talent and loves cheerleading just as much as I do! The two camps I was a part of was the Danny Lansanah Football/Cheerleading Camp and the Packers & Broncos Cheerleading Camp. Both camps were located at John Harris High School for…

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