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  • Personal Narrative: Wilson High School

    I honestly did not believe that I was nor did I carry myself as a leader until I got to Wilson High School. In middle school, at church, and within the different programs I am a part I was given leadership positions and was “successful” in them but Wilson High School and its community have taught me what it truly means to be a successful leader. A large part of my high school career has been dedicated to the cheerleading program here at Wilson High School. This is the aspect of my life that has…

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  • A Sport: Why Cheerleading Is A Sport

    When people hear the word “cheerleader” I am sure most would think of little, skimpy girls running around high schools with their nose in the air. Which is such a jaded, misleading conception. This is exactly why people think negatively about cheerleading. Cheerleading is more than what it looks like, that is why it is a sport. To be classified as a sport it is required to have an opponent, a goal, physical activity, and rules. Cheerleading has all of the above listed components. Before I go on…

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  • Allstar Cheerleading Research Paper

    This paper shows the In’s and Out’s of Allstar Cheerleading and Why It Is a Sport. In this paper my claim states that Allstar Cheerleading is a sport. The evidence in this paper contains researched information, self known information, personal experiences, and scholarly resources. Throughout this paper a great deal of the knowledge of Allstar Cheerleading is given, and also a brief history of how Allstar Cheerleading came to be. My personal experiences are shown throughout this paper because of…

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  • Cheerleading: A Sport

    My movie shows the struggle of pushing cheerleading to become recognized as a sport, and lists the reasons of why it should be. As a cheerleader, many times, I have had to have this argument with other athletes in order to prove the hard work, passion, and dedication that is required of this sport. This is why I chose to make it into a movie, so that I could persuade others into agreeing with me. The audience that I am reaching to with this method of justification will be mostly children and…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Why Cheerleading Is A Sport

    “Cheerleading As A Sport” Blonde bubbly girls, wearing short skirts with loud voices, defines the common stereotype of a cheerleader. They are known to be the girls who are the “air heads” of the school and it is thought that all they do is promote school spirit and cheer on other sports, so why do they deserve to be considered a sport? In most cases, they don’t receive this title. Cheerleading is often deemed not a sport, but rather an after school activity or club. Fans of basketball or…

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  • Personal Narrative: Premier Cheerleading

    The crowd screams, the lights shine, the music starts, and I preform my heart out. This was my life three years ago. I was a competitive all-star cheerleader for a gym called Premier Cheer. I cheered competitively for about eleven years and even won a national championship in 2011. 2013 was my last year cheering because every cheerleader has an expiration date; I aged out of the sport and my body ached too much to keep going. Now, three years after my last competition, I entered my first…

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  • Case Study On Maggie Nichols

    Maggie Nichols, a former member of the United States National gymnastics team, current gymnast at the University of Oklahoma and an inspiration to all was like a normal teenager. That all changed when she was 15 (Time). During her elite training secessions she began to have pain in her lower back to the extent she was not able to simply touch her toes. It was 2015 when Maggie attended the Karolyi Ranch Olympic training when she was first violated. Her violator was her team physician, Dr. Larry…

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  • Complex Family Dynamic Case Study

    Balancing Act – Cheerleading and College Success vs. Complex Family Dynamics By Regina Aaron Escondido, CA - The professional voice that greets callers at a successful auto body shop belongs not to a seasoned vehicle repair specialist, but to Dominique “Domi” Hillery, a former member of Santa Monica College’s all-girl cheerleading squad. Domi was a member of the squad for 2 years and participated in many events and competitions, but her aspirations to become a professional cheerleader,…

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  • Personal Narrative: All-Star Cheerleading

    I have participated in the all-star competition cheerleading world since I was a very young girl. Over the last ten years, cheerleading has not only taught me how to stunt, tumble and dance, it has also taught me so many remarkable life lessons, such as leadership, teamwork, determination, and perseverance. One important lesson I have learned over the years is how to overcome failure as well as learning to control the fear of failure. The all-star cheerleading industry is very competitive; one…

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  • Cheerleading Vs Competition

    I have been a competition cheerleader for 7 years now. Cheerleading has taught many things, including life lessons. Now competition cheerleading is nothing like sideline cheerleading. In competition cheerleading you give absolute all you have for two minutes and thirty seconds of a routine. You’re two main goals at a competition are to have fun and beat all the other teams at the competition. So in preparation for a competition we practice for months, spending hours upon hours of time in the gym…

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