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  • Personal Narrative: The Wild Ride To Minnesota

    The Wild Ride to Minnesota Have you ever taken a trip that you had completely planned out and it ended up not going that way? Well I had an experience like that just last week. Me, my dad, and my friend Jade drove up by Minneapolis, specifically Maple Plain MN, and it didn’t go as planned. We were supposed to go up there, drop off my dad for a work meeting, and go to the Mall of America. I’m about to tell you what actually happened. So we started off the 4 hour drive by stopping by the gas…

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  • Minnesota V. Dickson Case Summary

    Statement of Facts Minnesota v. Dickerson (91-2019) 508 U.S. 366 (1993) On November 9, 1989, at approximately 8:15p.m., two officers in a marked squad car were patrolling the city’s north side. The officers witnessed an individual, K. Dickerson, leaving a 12-unit apartment building on Morgan Avenue North; this location was well known for selling cocaine. When the respondent noticed the officers he abruptly turned and entered an alleyway. Given Dickerson’s location and his actions after seeing…

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  • Sports Coach Assessment

    This post will identify a set of criteria which to use to evaluate the effectiveness of a sports coach, a teacher, and a senior pastor referred to henceforth as leaders. Each of the items will be listed in order of highest priority to least. Next, the item will be justified along with how each item difference from each leader. Lastly, how each of these criteria can be measure will be looked at. This post is written from my personal perception of the job of these individuals and the roles that…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Minnesota

    If you are a vacation fan you need to read this story. I will tell you about my trip to Minnesota. Ill Tell you about were you can swim and fish in. I will mention stuff like, swimming, fishing and about my aunts and uncles wedding. There will be awesome stuff like catching Northern, Walleye and Gar. So if you want excitement and action stick around for this story. It all started at 3:00 A.M I was woke up by my grandma so could get all my stuff packed so we could leave. I got dressed, ate and…

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  • Personal Narrative House In Minneapolis, Minnesota

    I know you 're a busy person, but I chose to write this report to demonstrate the house I recommend you. The house I chose did the best job at fulfilling your particular desires. I concluded, the 5ive house in Minneapolis, Minnesota is a perfect match for your needs. They were many reasons why I chose this particular house. Even though this house fits your requirements, their some characteristics this house has that are less valuable in today 's society you should not worry about. This house…

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  • Lambeau Leap Persuasive Essay

    Should the Lambeau Leap be banned? The Lambeau Leap began on December 26, 1993 (Chris Chase). LeRoy Butler (former Green Bay Packer) forces a fumble, picks up the ball and runs a touchdown for twenty-five yards (Chris Chase). With excitement, LeRoy Butler leaps into the arms of happy Green Bay Packer fans at Lambeau Stadium. From this moment, the tradition of The Lambeau Leap starts (Chris Chase). This tradition allows Packer fans to interact with the player who fight each and every Sunday…

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  • Scarlet Plume Analysis

    The Scarlet Plume “Except for buckskin moccasins and breechclout, he was naked”(6-7). “Smoky Day and Tinkling had also dressed Mavis out as a squaw: moccasins, doeskin tunic, leggings, two heavy larded braids, a painted face” (128). “Theodosia stepped into the cabin with a swishing of long skirts. She wore black mostly: high black kid shoes, black dress, and gray sunbonnet” (9). Compared to our clothing now, girls can wear pants, dresses, shirts, shorts, pretty much anything. Along with guys…

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  • Rhetorical Strategies In Denise Specht: Minnesota Students

    in “Denise Specht: Minnesota students have a money problem. It’s time to face it.” “ ‘How much education funding is enough?’ ” (Specht 1) appears to be a simple question; however, the answer to this seemingly simple question is far more complicated. This question is addressed in the article “Denise Specht: Minnesota students have a money problem. It’s time to face it.” which was published in the Twin Cities Pioneer Press on September 21, 2017. The author argues that Minnesota schools are not…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Going Back To Minnesota

    On one sunny Saturday in June the excitement hit one family, and especially one girl who was excited as ever to go back to Minnesota. The last year was the best, but this year was going to be better. This year there were going to be cousins there, that meant fun. We all headed up there my grandpa and grandma Fedders and Jordan, aunt Debbie with her son Michael, my aunt and uncle pike with their daughter Katlin, and family whole family Kevin, Dawn, Kelsey, Kayla, Amber, sister’s boyfriend…

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  • Football Fans Research Paper

    Fanatics The world consists of many different types of fans. Baseball, hockey, basketball, volleyball, softball, wrestling, cross country, track, tennis, racing, and many more. However, football fans happen to be the most entertaining to watch and interesting to know. Football is a roller coaster of a sport and it brings its fans along for the ride. The best fans are the die-hard fans, the jaded fans, and the band-wagon fans. Die-hard fans make football games entertaining because of their…

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