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  • Lumber Industry In The 1800's

    the 1800’s. It had its peak in the 1800’s, when there were trees everywhere to cut down. Frederick Weyerhaeuser is important because he started a company in Minnesota. He started investing in lumber companies, and then bought timberland in Wisconsin in the 1860’s. When there weren't many trees left to cut down, he came to Minnesota in search of more timberland. His company eventually expanded to sawmills and small railroad lines. The lumber industry then hit its peak around 1875. By…

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  • Racism In People Like Us

    Reading Response Essay Minnesota is often known as a kindness for all, help thy neighbor kind of state. It even has its own term “Minnesota Nice”. But how far does Minnesota Nice really extend? While reading People Like Us by David Lawrence Grant, I felt defensiveness, curiosity, and gained beneficial knowledge. People Like Us by David Grant had a specific section that made me feel upset and defensive. Throughout his essay, Grant discusses many ideas about bias and racism in Minnesota. He…

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  • Logging In The Late 1800s

    Logging was a huge part in the history of the northern part of the United States, especially in Northern Minnesota. Logging has influenced the way the whole country has evolved and expanded in the 1800's through today. There are few general topics that you should learn about in this paper, they are logging camps, logging railroads, peak years, and the Virginia-Rainy River logging company. LOGGING CAMPS Logging camps are the small towns in the woods where the lumberjacks lived during the…

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  • Nauer Lives Nuer Journeys

    Nuer Lives Nuer Journeys is an ethnography about African Nuer who have migrated to Minnesota. The author of the book is the anthropologist Dr. Jon D. Holtzman. The Nuer are an African people, specifically from Sudan (Holtzman 2008: 2). The Nuer base their way of life around growing crops and raising livestock. Additionally, they belong to the Nilo-Saharan cultural/linguistic group and are a sizable ethnic group in southern Sudan. The Nuer became refugees during the second civil war in Sudan, a…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Walleye Fishing Destinations

    Minnesota, the "Land of 10,000 Lakes", actually boasts about 11,842 bodies of water that have an area over 10 acres. The relative concentration of lakes increases as you travel north with what might typically be considered the beginning of "lake country" starting on an imaginary line drawn through the center of the state stretching from Alexandria to the west to the famous Lake Mille Lacs to the east. If you came to this page looking for information to help you plan a Minnesota fishing getaway…

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  • Why I Choose Texas

    Arriving at the age of eleven I moved to Duluth Minnesota. Living there for a year it was the biggest city I had lived in when in Minnesota. Soon after, I moved to Two Harbors Minnesota. I moved there to get away from the busy life of the big city. It was the most fun location of the three cities on Minnesota. It is because of the huge variety of skiing areas and hockey games that everyone attended on Fridays. I lived in Two Harbors…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Banning Party Hunting

    What if party hunting in Minnesota became illegal? Some hunters would be glad to have party hunting illegal. Many hunters want to have more deer and less hunters in the woods. Still others want to hunt in big parties and shoot all the deer. There is always an argument on banning party hunting in Minnesota. Because so many people who hunt in parties purchase a tag for non-hunters and just use it as an excuse to shoot more deer, party hunting should be eliminated. If Minnesota outlawed party…

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  • Blanchard's Cricket Frog Research Paper

    share and coexist on this planet with some extraordinarily unique and diverse organisms. Of such organisms, reptiles and amphibians are some of the most adaptable organisms on Earth, residing on every continent except bitter cold Antarctica. Here in Minnesota, There are 22 species of amphibians and 31 species of reptiles, ranging from the fast moving salamanders to the slow and nimble turtles. I got the opportunity to further research the Blanchard’s cricket frog, in hopes of understanding their…

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  • How To Combat Sexual Assault On College Campuses

    terminology is sexual assault or gender-based violence. There has been debate on the type of policies that should be in place for combating sexual assault on college campuses. Every college campus has different sexual assault policies; however, Minnesota, New York and California have many policies for all their colleges. The main issue with policy surrounding sexual assault is no one wants to talk about it because it is very uncomfortable.…

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  • Homeschooling: A Family Policy Analysis

    Homeschool Policy Overview A family policy is a “policy that aims to protect, promote, and strengthen families by addressing one or more of the five explicit functions families perform: family formation, partner relationships, economic support, childrearing, and caregiving” (Bogenschneider, 2014, p. 57). In this paper, I will be discussing the homeschool policy. With the definition of family policy in mind, I will be talking about how the homeschool policy does protect, promote, and…

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