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  • Mao Zedong: The Cultural Revolution In China

    itself to the essential economic reforms. Sharing much of the Stalinist vision of rapid industrialisation, Mao Zedong invented his own version of a more radical approach to modernisation. Mao’s original plan of a gradual transition to socialism was abandoned in favour of the completion by 1956 of a ‘socialist transformation of agriculture, industry, commerce and handicrafts’ (Zhang, 1996, p. 14). Mao shelved the more moderate Second Five Year Plan with the establishment of the commune in 1958.…

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  • How Did Mao Zedong Influence The World

    impact on the world. One of these men is Mao Zedong. In the 1960’s, Mao Zedong, revered as a god to his people, was able to completely change how China’s political and economic systems work. Today, China is one of the world’s most powerful nations. They dominate the world’s economy because of the political and economic foundations that Mao Zedong laid down during the Communist revolutions that he led as leader of The People’s Republic of China. Mao Zedong was born into a village in the Hunan…

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  • The Negative Similarities Of Mao Zedong And Mahatma Gandhi

    Mao Zedong and Mahatma Gandhi, two respected leaders who achieved great accomplishments during their lives. However, Mao Zedong tends to have a much more negative connotation than Mahatma Gandhi. Some will say that they are very different from each other, while others might claim that they are very similar. On an unbiased view, they are infact very different and very similar in every way. Here in this essay, you will find out everything you need to understand between the two leaders. Mao Zedong…

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  • Why Did Mao Zedong Make A Better Society

    China struggled against foreign control since the opium wars. Mao Zedong was a son of a formally improved peasant who soon became the wealthiest farmer in Shaoshan. Mao Zedong was the Former Chairman of the Communist Party of China. In the year 1949 the communist gained power because they were fully supported by many peasants. Mao believed that because their was a lot of peasants they would be able to revolt against the war lords. Mao Zedong did make a better society economically and socially…

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  • Mao Zedong Struggle Session Essay

    a) A struggle session was a form of public humiliation which was used by China during Mao Zedong’s reign. Struggle sessions were used to humiliate and or persecute rivals politically or in general. The victim of the struggle session was forced to admit their wrong-doings. This made them an even easier target because they have said their crime even if it was untrue. The significance of the struggle sessions was that they maintained control within China because the victims stopped acting in a way…

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  • How Did Mao Zedong Criticize Marxism?

    CPC’s focus on galvanizing the peasant classes in the rural areas of China. Under the leadership of Mao, the peasant classes were far more numerous and impoverished…

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  • How Did Mao Zedong Change Chinese Society

    death in 1976, Mao Zedong, or Mao Tse-Tung, influenced the People’s Republic of China and helped to end the Republic Period by leading in the Chinese Rebellion. However, Mao Zedong was not a beneficial leader. He was rather detrimental as is evident through the social, political, and cultural changes of China during this time period. While historians argue that Mao Zedong was one of the most destructive rulers of history, loyal Chinese and other historians argue that Mao Zedong helped improve…

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  • Mao Zedong Suicide Analysis

    1919, Mao Zedong published a series of articles in a local newspaper concerning the suicide of a young lady who felt trapped by the society she was raised in. In his writings, Mao seizes the opportunity to attack Chinese society, primarily pointing out the misogynistic attitude towards women and pitting the youth against the older-generation. In doing so, Mao condemns the traditionalist attitude of China and called for the younger followers to rise up and make a change. These essays that Mao…

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  • Similarities Between Hannibal And Mao Zedong

    Hannibal’s journey and Mao Zedong’s journey are having similar and different keys of their story in several ways. First, leader of both journeys whose is Hannibal and Mao Zedong. Both of them had a vastly ambitious and strong determination to achieve their goal. For example, Hannibal made a decision to take a long journey from Spain to Italy in order to make a surprise attack. In the same way, Mao Zedong started his fight against the Nationalist Government and set the long journey from the south…

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  • The Consequences Of Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution

    future, and that man was Mao Zedong. He wanted to spread his ideologies across China and impose his beliefs. He paved the way for the Cultural Revolution and changed the way the people in China lived for an entire decade. There were many consequences caused by the Cultural Revolution which affected China for years to come, two of which are: it severely damaged the educational system…

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