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  • Haydn Symphony 40 Analysis

    Haydn, Joseph (1732 - 1809) Symphony No. 40 in F major, 3rd movement - ‘Menuet e Trio’ Haydn was a master at composing symphonies with about 107 symphonies under his name ; all of which have some value to the musical landscape during the 18th century. Haydn was the forerunner which laid the foundations of the symphonic form for composers who came after him. For example, according to Wenborn, N (1997: 31) the four note theme used by Haydn in his 13th symphony was the same theme which Mozart used…

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  • Classical Requiem: The Classical Era

    Classical Requiem – The first transformation The symphonic requiem came into existence during the Classical period (1750-1830), an era which was also called the Age of Enlightenment. The time of Classicism differentiates from Baroque music in many aspects; new musical forms came up, a unique style of composing, the new modern orchestra got its shape and worked more detailed with its sound, as well as the evolution of the bel-canto singing technique. It is also significant to mention that…

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  • Essay On Smetana

    Hans Christian Andersen once said, “where words fail, music speaks.” I believe if we could speak with any of the composers from the Medieval, Renaissance, Classical, and Romantic periods that they would say the same also. One of the composers from the Romantic period whom I believe would agree with this statement is Bedřich Smetana. He, along with many other composers, have a way of speaking through their compositions. Bedřich Smetana was born on March 2, 1824 and died on May 12th, 1884.…

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  • The Romantic Period

    numerous types of music. There will be different things that influence and change the way each individual hears music. Taking a music class opens up a new world that may not have been known, had the class not been selected. Most Influential Composer Ludwig van Beethoven was the most influential composer in music…

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  • A Comparative Analysis Of Bach's Life And Music

    Over the next 25 years he continued to add to his massive repertoire. The Christmas Oratorio, St. Matthew’s Passion and Well-Tempered Clavier Part 2 are a few examples of some of his major works. In 1729, he obtained a position as the director of Leipzig’s music club. He wrote music for the orchestra and they performed once a week (Koster). He was immersed in music until the year before his death. His last great work, the B minor Mass was finished in 1749 (Koster). At the end of his career, Bach…

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  • What Are Beethoven's Major Accomplishments

    Beethoven began his early training with his abusive father Johann van, although his offensive tactics towards Beethoven hurt him physically and emotionally, Beethoven develop a keenness for playing instruments. His creativity surpassed all of the pain and suffering caused by such a traumatic childhood. Once Beethoven sharpened his talent he was able to achieve a position as an appointed organist for the courts, his salary was about 150 florins. This achievement made his father very proud of his…

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  • Beethoven And Mozart Comparison Essay

    Both Ludwig Van Beethoven and Amadeus Mozart are regarded as the head honchos of the classical music era. Mozart was one of the composers that ushered in the classical era, whereas Beethoven studied classicism, refining and expanding on it in order to help usher in the Romantic era. Both names are synonymous with top rate classical composition. In this essay, I will try to determine which of the two curmudgeon composers reigns supreme. The style characteristics of the classical era had to do…

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  • Essay On Vivaldi's Four Seasons

    Introduction This paper contains a description of the sound, setting, and significance of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons performed by Janine Jansen at the International Chamber Music Festival on June 29, 2014. ( There are four main pieces of music in this concert, each split into three sections. This was an auditory representation of the four seasons, and an attempt will be made to describe the sound, setting, and significance of this piece. Setting The…

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  • Analysis Of Webern's Variations For Piano

    Webern’s Variations for Piano, mvt. 2 Analysis Webern’s Variations for Piano begins with a prime row starting on Bb3. This continues until the Eb4 grace note in measure six. This is primarily consistent in the bottom staff with the exceptions of measures five and six where the rows switch staffs. The switching of staffs occurs in each iteration of the rows and its various forms at one point or another. Wagner also creates an elision with the last note of one row and the first note of another.…

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  • Drake And Haydn Comparison

    “Classical music isn 't so far apart from pop music”. From last class we made a comparison that Jay-z between Haydn and who I believe that is similar to Franz Joseph Haydn is Drake. Drake comes from a musical family, but Drake grew up with music in his blood. For example His father, Dennis Graham was a drummer for legendary rock star Jerry Lee Lewis. One thing that they both don’t have in common is that Drake before he was a rapper, came to fame by playing wheelchair-bound Jimmy Brooks in seven…

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