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  • Overture To An Occasional Oratorio

    We all dream of travelling to Italy, where beauty has no limits. The culture is inundated by the arts, families are vibrant and strong, architecture is unrivaled, musical genius is ubiquitous and of course…the food. With every aspect of life so influential and awe-inspiring, it is no wonder George Frideric Handel has returned with compositions that leave us speechless. His operas, arias, Oratorios, anthems and concertos never cease to amaze me; however, this time he has really outdone himself.…

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  • Bovargy George Gershwin Porgy Analysis

    George Gershwin was born on September 26,1898 in Brooklyn,New York. George started focusing more on his music when he turned 10. Gershwin had a natural talent but he needed to get mentors in order to fully flourish in his talent. Charles Hambitzer, was one of his mentors. He was a noted piano teacher. Some of the other mentors he studied under were: Henry Cowell, Wallingford Riegger, Edward Kilenyi and Joseph Schillinger. Gershwin dropped out of school at age 15. Gershwin played in several New…

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  • Gustav Holst's The Planets

    The Planets is the most successful and arguably the best recognized composition of Gustav Holst. Although Gustav composed some outstanding works after The Planets, none of them achieved recognition of the same level as The Planets. The Planets was composed while Holst was working as a music master. Holst had done some works before The Planets, which he considered as failures and such failures made him desperately think of a genre topic that could be phenomenal for his ideas of composition of…

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  • Classical Period Form

    Form serves as an organizing agent for composers. Pick a time period and form we have studied in the first four weeks and explain how we expect the music from that category to behave. I chose to discuss the classical period of the eighteen century. The form that I chose is the sonata form. During the eighteens music changed from the baroque era to the classical period. The change brought a change in style. During the late baroque era music was complex and sophisticated. The music consisted of a…

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  • Beethoven Deafness Research Paper

    To this very day, people do not know the cause of Ludwig van Beethoven’s deafness. However, he is thought of as one of the greatest composers in history. Beethoven learned to overcome his disability through struggle and perseverance. Although people have heard of deafness, often they do not understand the causes and effects. Deafness results from a variety of problems in the ear. Sensorineural hearing loss occurs when there is damage to the sensory cells in the cochlea (13). Some people get…

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  • Renaissance And Middle Ages Similarities

    Similarities The Renaissance and Middle Ages was two completely different time periods, but they also had some things in common with the way they used music. For example, both time periods used music in church and sacred gatherings. The Middle Ages built spaces to be used just for musical performances (Middle). The rooms were large with acoustic qualities and were surrounded by stained glass windows depicting Biblical scenes. In the Renaissance, religion went through Counter-Reformation which…

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  • Scott Hicks

    Scott Hicks is an Australian film director and screenwriter. He’s best known as the author and director of Shine. Is a 1996 Australian biographical drama film based on the life of pianist David Helfgott, who suffered a mental breakdown and spent years in institutions. It stars Geoffrey Rush, Lynn Redgrave, Noah Taylor, John Gielgud, Goodie Withers, Justin Braine, Sonia Todd, Nicholas Bell, Chris Haywood and Alex Rafalowicz. The screenplay was written by Jan Sardi, and then directed by Scott…

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  • John Phillip Sousa Band

    Jesua Calderon John Phillip Sousa was not just a musician he was a great one. He thought all about the kinds of bands he wanted to do and were popular during that time. He also turned into a band conductor. One more thing that happened was that he became a well known musician. Never underestimate your dreams no matter what the cost. Sousa decided to look over the type of bands he wanted to do. Once he decided that, he named his band the “Sousa Band”. He also made it sound like a…

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  • Tchaikovsky Powerful Groups Essay

    n the Russian classical music in the history, has the inestimable influence folk songs. The world famous Russian composer "powerful group" and Tchaikovsky had to folk music has a strong interest in. A major factor in these composers writing is the folk song. They learned from the folk song in his works, folk songs which music language acquired unique incomparable. People in the "powerful group" and a Tchaikovsky symphony and opera works according to their own fantasies created gained new…

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  • Music Appreciation

    When I signed up to take music appreciation, I knew it would be the perfect class for me. I myself take up being a musician as a hobby, I’ve played the guitar for years and have a basic understanding of music in the world. I knew that music had deep history within its roots, but I always had a curiosity to learn a slice of that history which is exactly what this class did. Besides playing an instrument and make music, I also became very fond of listening to music as a hobby. I began to have a…

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