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  • Music Recital Experience Essay

    Pajda, an opera student with a mezzo-soprano voice performing the German language, An die Musik (To Music). This art song from the Romantic period was composed by the then 20 year old Austrian Franz Schubert with text from a poem of his friend Franz von Schober; about the power of music to “kindle the heart to warm love” and carry us into a better world. The strophic song was beautifully sung in a major key in a slow tempo. The timbre of Miss Pajda voice moved the prayer like melody to…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At The Mcallister Auditorium

    The San Antonio College Guitar Studio Recital took place October 20, 2014. I first arrived at the McAllister Auditorium (1300 San Pedro Ave. S.A. TX 78212) at 7 PM. It was my first time in the colleges Auditorium, but not my first time experiencing a musical performance. I have attended several times the theatre to listen to the orchestra from my hometown. It is a marvelous experience. At the entrance I could appreciate an organ, which has had an important history in classical music, especially…

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  • Romantic Music Vs Classical Music

    The Romantic period of music began in the late 18th century and it spanned until the early 20th century. It was heavily influenced by Romanticism, which was a European movement involving art and literature. Many of the famous early composers from these years were Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Berlioz, and others. The famous later composers include Bruckner, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, and others. This period is recognized as being more emotionally expressive than past periods because it explores…

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  • Zukofsky's Love For Music

    Zukofsky’s great love for music as an art form to experiment with shows up as interweaving themes in his work. Consider this passage from the first chapter of his great poem “A”: “Music leaving no traces, Not dying, and leaving no traces.” (“A” 6) Zukofsky aims to explain the process of a scientific recording, through the processes of objective statements made in his work. On the other side of the coin lies creation, the ability to produce something tangible from the mere idea of it. On the…

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  • Hector Berlioz Second Symphony Analysis

    Hector Berlioz was born near the French town of Grenoble on December 11th, 1803. Berlioz started music at the much later age of 12, meaning he was never a ‘child prodigy’. After learning enough theory, he began writing small arrangements and compositions.Due to his father’s discouragement, Berlioz never learnt how to play the piano, instead Berlioz became proficient at playing the guitar and flute. The first performance was at the Paris Conservatoire in 1830. This symphony is the perfect example…

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  • Cello Instrument

    Cello is one of the instruments in strings family. Some of the performance cello were used as a solo instrument or in the ensemble playing. Moreover, this instrument used bass clef but it can be read use treble clef or tenor clef. In Italian, the first name for cello is violoncello. The physical part of the cello same as violin and viola (Liu, 2011). The instruments having a place with the violin family created from the viola da braccio somewhere around 1520 and 1550 in Upper Italy. Cello…

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  • Mozart Portrayed In The Movie Amadeus

    Portrayal of Music Music is a very prominent feature in all four movies. Amadeus is the story of a man considered to be one of the greatest composers of all time. In the movie emphasis is given to his ‘goofy adolescent side’, yet, he is still presented as a man who has prodigious ‘God given’ talent and considered a musical genius. Because of this talent Salieri who can be observed in Figure 16, envied him and tried to sabotage his career, Salieri, attempted to do this because he recognized…

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  • The Winter Concert Review Essay 'O Holy Night'

    The Winter Concert was a marvelous showcase of music talent from the student body of St. John’s music society. There were in total twelve magnificent musical pieces and were all much appreciated by the people who were there. All the musical pieces were great, but the one that I enjoyed the most was the Claude Debussy which was presented by Kevin Won and Rex Chou who played the piano together. However, that does not take away from the other music works that were down. Furthermore, I felt all the…

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  • Mozart Accomplishments

    “Love, Love, Love that is the soul of genius” (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart). In Western music he is generally identified as one of the most significant and substantial composers. Ludwig Van Beethoven, Antonio Vivaldi, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were few of many innovative composers, but one who stood out from the few and was a prodigy as a young child was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Born on January 27 1756 to Leopold Mozart and Anna Maria, née Pertl in Salzburg, which is the…

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  • Why Are Pop Songs So Popular

    Pop songs today are laid out in similar ways: verse, chorus, verse 2, chorus, verse 3, chorus. Because of their repetition, choruses usually make up what we see as the “core” of a song. When one thinks of “Rude” by Magic, do they think of the chorus or the verses? What about “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire? We generally think of songs like these as having a “normal” song structure. In fact, very few pop songs go against this grain, with most of the few examples of this not actually being pop songs.…

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