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  • Waverly Jong In The Joy Luck Club

    The Chinese zodiac signs occupy twelve animal signs, and every year relates to an animal. The signs have diverse meanings, personality traits, and fortune. Waverly Jong is a Chinese American character that made an appearance in the novel, “The Joy Luck Club”, written by Amy Tan. She knows how to disguise her strategies and thoughts. Waverly is single-handed, has “invisible strength", and sharp-witted. Though in the novel, she was born on March 17, 1951, in the year of the rabbit. Her Chinese…

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  • Turner's Requiem Gcse

    Verdi's Requiem, Mendelssohn's Symphony No. 4 in A Major, and "The Mountain Whippoorwill" by Jess Turner are three very different pieces. The first is an opera with fantastic musical continuity accented by a broad spectrum of emotions. The second is an instrumental piece in the minor key, and it is very quick and lively. The latter is a longer piece than the first two, an instrumental like the second, but it is happen set to match a poem, which makes it somewhat similar to the first. Verdi’s…

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  • The Soloist Movie Analysis

    This is a story about the art of love. This is also a science fiction story in the future world when musicians are abandoned by technology. A romantic story between a homeless cellist and a mysterious girl who lives in a dark alley. A historical story tells a personal memory of a musician. A life story about a successful millionaire and an underprivileged soloist. A mysterious story about guessing the musician’s identity. A free story can be read in different ways and can have different endings.…

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  • How Did Frank Sinatra Affect Society

    Frank Sinatra’s accomplishments had an immediate impact on society following his death. Music had become a huge part of schools in the mid-1900’s. Douglas Fisher, an associate professor of teacher education at San Diego State University, felt that “music samples used in conjunction with children’s literature can enhance appreciation of the history and variety of jazz music's” (Children’s Literature and Authentic Music Samples 2). Children have been exploring the different styles and types of…

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  • How Did Frank Sinatra Influence Popular Culture

    Chapter One: Sinatra and the Music The biggest impression Frank left on popular music and culture lives on in the heart of the music itself. The influence he had on the world can still be heard on his recordings today. His style of singing carried such meaning and depth that it transcended cultural boundaries. In a poem by Gerald Early, from Mustazza’s collection of essays entitled “Frank Sinatra and Popular Culture”, he recalls going to a freak show as a boy and hearing the wonderful sounds…

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  • Ivan The Terrible: Tsar Of Russia

    Ivan IV Vasilyevich, a.k.a Ivan The Terrible, was officially the grand prince of Moscow until January 16th 1547 when he was crowned “Tsar of all the Russia's”. Ivan was born to Vasili the 3rd and his second wife Elena Gimskaya. He then later married Anastasia Romanovna and ruled during the Romanov dynasty. When Ivan was three years old his father died leaving him to be made grand prince of Moscow. When he turned 8 years old his mother died leaving him and his younger brother Yuri alone, 8 years…

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  • Ralph Vaughan Williams Dona Nobis Pacem

    Spanning approximately forty minutes, Ralph Vaughan Williams' Dona Nobis Pacem was first performed on October 2, 1936. Following World War I and preceding World War II, this suite of choral pieces appears to be a call for peace and a warning against war, perhaps directly referencing R. Vaughan Williams' own personal beliefs. Divided into six sections or movements, the text is taken from poems by Walt Whitman, John Bright, and passages of the Bible. These pieces are: "Agnus Dei", "Beat, beat,…

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  • Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto

    When people listen to Tchaikovsky’s repertoire they would say his music exudes passion, energy, and depth. The first movement of the Piano Concerto No.1 in B-Flat Minor by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky exhibits elements of true orchestral genius utilizing its range to the fullest in combination with the complex and intricate yet powerful fingerings of the solo pianist. What perplexes yet entertains the audience is the contrast from the beginning of the piece where the introduction is lyrical,…

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  • Domenico Scarlatti Rhetorical Devices

    Sonata in A minor, K. 110 Domenico Scarlatti Domenico Scarlatti was born in Naples, Italy, on October 26, 1685. A brilliant musician at an early age, Scarlatti followed in the compositional footsteps of his father, Alessandro Scarlatti. In 1708, Scarlatti moved to Rome to become maestro di cappella to the exiled queen of Poland, Maria Casimira. He later became head of the Cappella Giulia, the choir of St. Peter’s Basilica that sings for all solemn functions of the Vatican. While in Rome,…

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  • Tub Inappropriate Musical Instruments

    The tuba is the largest and lowest-pitched musical instrument in the brass family. Sound is produced by vibrating or "buzzing" the lips into a large cupped mouthpiece. It first appeared in the mid 19th-century, making it one of the newer instruments in the modern orchestra and concert band. The tuba largely replaced the ophicleide. Tuba is Latin for 'trumpet'. A person who plays the tuba is known as a tubaist or tubist. In the United Kingdom a person who plays the tuba in an orchestra is known…

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