Mozart Case Study

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1. What were Mozart’s fetishes? What about his wigs?
a. One of the main fetishes of Mozart was poop. He would talk about it with anyone around him and sometimes he would mention it in the letters he wrote to his family. Which in a way made him sound crazy around all the composers and royalty since they were very formal and educated people.
b. Mozart never wore a wig. He mostly wore a wig for official occasions. The movie Amadeus over exaggerates with the party-joke wigs. There are even rumors saying that he had a small deformity of his left ear and he used the wigs to hide it.
2. Why did Mozart come to Vienna (his last visit) and how old was he when he finally arrived in Vienna for good.
a. Mozart moved to Vienna in January 1781 where he
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The only actual Vienna native was Franz Joseph Haydn. At just 8 years of age, he was a choirboy at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna. Unlike Schubert, Beethoven was born in Germany. At age 16 he tried to escape Vienna but he stayed because his moms healthy was not doing great and since then he never left. He soon becomes a great figure and well known for his intriguing works. He was also Haydn’s former student. Franz Schubert was born in Vienna and became a teacher but later on he threw himself into music and started as a freelance composer at a …show more content…
How was Mozart’s relation with his father?
Mozart had a normal father and son relationship with his father. They both wrote letters to each other to keep in contact. His father supported him with his music career but at the time worried about him and this sometimes made Mozart feel like his father was controlling his life.
9. What was the Requiem Mass? Who commissioned the work? and who finished it?
a. Requiem masses are masses that are offered to the dead.
b. A wealthy man and music lover, named Franz von Walsegg, decided that Mozart was responsible for providing the requiem for his dead wife every year.
c. Two weeks after her husbands’ death, Constanze decided that Joseph Eybler could finish the requiem.
10. Did Mozart die a rich man? What were the circumstances of his death and how was his burial and why?
a. When Mozart died, he left his wife without income and money to give back to the loans her husband took.
b. Mozart took his final sickbed on November 20th with only 2 weeks left to live. One physician did know what was wrong with the famous musician but there was no cure for it. He suffered from a disease called rheumatic fever, which was the result of an

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