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  • Analysis Of Opera Buffa

    The book first opens up to Mary Hunter diving into Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro. In Hunter’s words this opera participates in what she calls a theatrical conversation which involves the composers, librettists, performers, and the audience. Ms. Hunter attempts to eavesdrop on said conversation to show the reader how the opera buffa was able to behave as entertainment in Vienna. She also states that studying opera buffas as entertainment does not mean that these works have any less artistic value…

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  • Ritornello Concerto Analysis

    Antonio Vivaldi, writer of several unique musical pieces throughout his career, was a composer most commonly associated with the Baroque period (ca 1600-1750). He is seen as one of the many artists that helped contribute to this specific era of music. Throughout his career as a composer, Vivaldi did not fail at attempting to incorporate the Ritornello form, seen throughout the majority of the Baroque period, into many of his works. Vivaldi is most commonly known for his violin concerto “Spring”,…

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  • Summertime Song Analysis

    According to Floyd, “summertime” was the opening song written by George Gershwin for his folk opera porgy and Bess in 1935 which was an easy lullaby (218). Summertime was an aria and it is somewhat attributed to Ira Gershwin. The song became a well-liked hit and to a great extent recorded jazz standard and its lyrics written by Dubose Heyward who is the author of novel porgy. This song was been labeled as on the classics by many and to a large extent a xenophobic minstrel by others. Regardless…

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  • Reflection Of Weep No More By David N. Childs

    For this final project, several classmates and I have assembled an eight-part vocal ensemble, accompanied by a pianist. We have chosen a piece that also has eight-parts, to add variety and layers on the basis of each vocal part. This piece we are performing as an ensemble is titled “Weep No More,” arranged and composed by David N. Childs, and adapted from a poem by John Keats. David N. Childs is a well-known freelance composer of music, with his ideology being, “music has the power to transform…

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  • Analysis Of Claudio Monteverdi's Oime, Il Bel Viso

    The madrigal that is being analyzed is Claudio Monteverdi’s “Oime, il bel viso”(madrigal, a 5+bc; from Il sesto libro de’ madrigali [The Sixth Book of Madrigals], 1614; text by Francesco Petrarch, Canzoniere, sonnet no. 267). This madrigal can be seen as a piece that works as a coherent piece of music. This is madrigal works as a coherent piece of music with the help of repetition of motives in the madrigal, the divisions of the madrigal add to the whole piece to unify it, and relationship…

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  • We Didnt Start The Fire Analysis

    We Didn’t Start The Fire was one of the most powerful songs in 1989, written by no other than Billy Joel. The number one hit mentions some famous events between the years of 1949 and 1989. In 1949 was when the singer was born and in 1989 was when the song was released. We Didn’t Start The Fire was nominated for record of the year at the Grammy Awards and was also number one in the United States at that time. But that’s not all the song was noticed for. The hit was known for it’s strong message…

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  • Informative Speech On Trout Mask Replica

    Attention Getter: I will start by saying something to the effect of “From Beethoven to Bieber, an incredibly wide variety of music has been recognized as ‘good,’ but why are these songs good? Why is Trout Mask Replica, an awful sounding cacophonous mash of notes, seen as good?” Interest Explained. (What experiences have caused the writer to become interested?) I first heard Trout Mask Replica on a video I saw on Facebook, and since then I have been enthralled in finding out why the video…

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  • How Did Beethoven Influence Modern Music

    Without the works of many famous composers like Mozart, Beethoven, modern music would cease to exist. In fact, the notion of self-expression through music and composing was heavily emphasized during the times of Mozart and Beethoven. In addition, modern music is and was heavily influenced by the musical components of these vary distinct artists. Modern musicians such as Morten Lauridsen help maintain and revive the demand and expectations for classical music. A lot of their past issues,…

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  • Whiplash Film Analysis

    Whiplash: A Path of Self-Destruction Whiplash directed by Damien Chazelle, perfectly entails the journey of one’s self-destructive path to greatness. Set in a modern day music school, Andrew Niemen, an ambitious jazz drummer wanting to become “One of the greats” is met with an opportunity to join studio band with a well-known teacher Fletcher. A psychological mind warfare ensues between the two with Fletcher pushing Andrew to his limits ultimately setting him on his path of self-destruction.…

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  • The Role Of Ragtime In American Popular Music

    Through various periods, such as Baroque, Classical, and Romantic Era, classical music has been developed grandly in Europe. Compared to Europe, American music history is short; however, if Europe is where classical music is born and blossomed, America is where popular music has developed in earnest. In the twentieth century, the United States has developed unique genres that could not be found in Europe. This special genre is the jazz that is still playing an important role in American popular…

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