Life cycle assessment

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  • Personal Reflection On Effective Assessment

    and know the federal and state requirements for assessments. I, as an educator, will have understanding of them and have them somewhere in my room so I can look back on them. I learned that it is easier for you to assess a child by having a relationship with them and knowing them through conversation, as well as knowing and assessing their grade level of their development. It is important to make a plan when assessing a child and what type of assessment to do on a child that is most efficient.…

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  • Jurisdictional Scan Case Study

    Engineers Australia also acts as one of the assessment entities for Queensland’s Board of Professional Engineers (2016). The highest designation for a professional engineer is the Chartered Professional Engineer (C.PEng), and requires three years of work experience. This has been described as a “competency-based…

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  • Ideas And Themes: The Story Of Ruby Bridges

    1. Content Objective: The student will be able to identify the main idea and the theme of a non-fiction book 3. Language Objective: The student will be able to state the main idea and the theme of The Story of Ruby Bridges. Introduction: Talk about the word diversity, ask the student if they know what “diversity” means. What do the student think of when they hear the word “diversity?” Write down the student’s response on the board. Have the student give example of the word. Ask the student…

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  • Reflective Teaching Reflection

    Teaching and learning process embodies theoretical and practical requirements for teachers in the class. Based on a study by Cakir (2010), how can I achieve a higher level of awareness of how I teach and of the kinds of decisions I make as I teach? One way of doing these are through observing, reflecting on my own class, and giving some suggestions for my language teaching development as a way of bringing about changes, which will be discussed this reflective teaching essay. My experience in…

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  • Importance Of Diversity In The Classroom

    reflect on myself as an educator. While there were many strengths from this unit, there was also some areas of growth that could have made the unit even more successful. One major strength from this unit was the differentiation of instruction and assessments. An area of growth for this unit would be to create a stronger behavior management system in order to make the time dedicated to math each day more valuable. A goal for improving teaching practice is finding a way to incorporate and utilize…

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  • Tied Student Behavior

    students being able to focus during assessments and not squirming in the chair and asking questions on how to complete a particular task. When the students were presented with a task that they were not real comfortable with or did not understand proficiently the ability to remain focused and give an honest effort was still present. On days that the students were assessed they came into the classroom with the same energy level as on the days when they knew that an assessment would not be…

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  • Learner Centred Approach

    A learner centred approach (LCA) is a method of training which attempts to involve learners in the learning process (Le-Ha, 2014). Both what is learnt and the way in which it is learnt is therefore shaped by the learners’ needs, interests and capacities (Le-Ha, 2014). In addition to enabling effective learning, the aim of this approach is to develop vital skills such as critical thinking and problem solving (Coetzee, 2013). This essay will argue that the implementation of this technique will…

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  • Personal Impact On Student Learning

    made aware of how the teaching and assessing of reading was being done in my classroom. Reading Assessment Reading process, differentiation, formal and informal assessments, diverse reading programs, Reading Intervention Plan, RTI, and ISLA (Impact on Student Learning Analysis). Even though I was aware of the use of formal assessments in reading, this class assisted me in utilizing informal assessments when working with my ESOL students. The knowledge of using RTI guided my interventions with…

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  • Importance Of Engaging Students In The Classroom

    teacher; I cannot list them all. Several important strategies and skills a teacher must use are: engaging students in the learning process, differentiating lessons for all students, reflecting on lessons and learning outcomes through appropriate assessments and teaching metacognitive skills. In addition, it is important to creating a genuine report with students to enhance these skills . Beyond knowing the content well, the content must delivered in an engaging manner. This does not always…

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  • Performance Assessment Essay

    Final Assessment Performance and Test Assessment. Assignment Instructions provided in class. Purpose: You are a teacher who has planned an exciting unit for her students with well-structured learning objectives that are linked to standards. What will be the performance assessment you will include as a culminating assignment? Grade: 1st grade. Social Studies Topic of Unit: Goods and Services. Making the right choice. Goods and services is very important unit for students that will help them…

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