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  • BP Oil Spill

    British Petroleum took a massive hit to public image, brand name, and to the overall prosperity of the company, following the oil spill that occurred on April 20, 2010. The spill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico near the Mississippi River Delta, at the Deepwater Horizon Oil Facility (Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill). Since this horrific incident, which basically crippled the company, they have been employing numerous tactics to try to recover from it. There are two categories in which one can place the recovery of British Petroleum. Those categories are necessary actions and complementary actions. The necessary actions are the things in which the company is personally responsible and required to do after the oil spill. Such things include cleanup…

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  • The Theme Of Lightness And Darkness In Sonny's Blue By James Baldwin

    darkness as a metaphor to symbolize connections in our everyday life. I disagree with Michael Clark who suggests Baldwin uses all the metaphors to support childhood in the story. The author makes numerous connections with the motif to not only represent childhood, but also every stage of life. Baldwin uses the repeating metaphor of lightness and darkness to represent good and evil, adulthood, and relationships between family members. Baldwin uses lightness and darkness in his story to display…

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  • Essay On The Golden Age Of Islam

    to Ibn Al-Haytham, the accepted principle for optics originated from the Greeks and stated that the eye gives off light itself to produce images of objects . However, Al-Haytham considered situations in the real world that simply didn’t agree with the Greek findings, such as why objects like the moon can’t be illuminated from great distances. Al-Haytham formulated that the eye is instead a receptor of light, and that light is dispersed and diffused in geometric patterns. This is one of the…

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  • Eating Poetry Poem Analysis

    obsession’s desperation for the written word. However, the second stanza signifies a shift in preoccupation, towards the librarian, whom is observed by the speaker as having ‘sad’ eyes, as she finds herself experiencing a tormenting ordeal resulting from the chaos of the library. Corresponding to the shift in the second stanza, there is an establishment of a dark atmosphere progressing within the library as the innocent librarian witnesses an atrocious act committed by a seemingly insane man.…

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  • Pebbles Around A Hole Analysis

    The implied lines of the pebbles helps create the shape. The negative space of the hole is what helps the artist create the circles around it. The pattern is the repetition of the pebbles going around in a circle. The shape helps the rhythm because of the repetition of the pebbles. The predominate light value is balanced between light and dark. The light value transitions are gently modulated. The contrast is created through value and color. The contrast of the dark hole and the white pebbles…

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  • Photosynthesis And Red Light Treatment

    Paragraph 1 With a p- value of 0.059229 between our red light treatment and our green light treatment, we fail to reject the null hypothesis and reject our alternative hypothesis because the value was higher than 0.05. Our alternative hypothesis was that red light would be more effective than green light on the rate of photosynthesis and our null hypothesis was that the color of light would not affect the rate of photosynthesis. Without enough evidence to support the alternative hypothesis, we…

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  • My Dreams

    silky wind. There was a pale light that sparkled through the trees as they danced in the wind. There was no noise other…

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  • Spectrophotometry Essay

    Spectrophotometry is a method in which organic and inorganic substances are identified or characterized by the use of electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation not only includes light (or photons), but thermal energy as well. While the electromagnetic spectrum consists of wavelengths between gamma radiation and the Far IR, most spectrophotometric methods rely on the UV and visible region. In order to use spectrophotometric methods, the sample being analyzed must be able to absorb the…

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  • Dark Pain In Robert Frost's Acquainted With The Night

    The first being stated as, “I have outwalked the furthest city light” (3). The speaker goes past the limits of the city and light in this part of the poem referencing the idea of suicide. Going past the light in this instance could mean passing all hope and considering death due to the overwhelming suffering. This action could also literally mean leaving the city and the last of all the light to immerse the speaker in his own darkness and to isolate himself. The second action the speaker commits…

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  • Compound X Is A White Powder Observation Essay

    1. Observation. - Compound X is a white powder. It is a solid. 2. Questions. - What is compound X? - What will happen when compound X is heated and reacted with C20H14O4 (phenolphthalein – an acid-base indicator)? (1) - How does compound X react with C20H14O4 (phenolphthalein)? (2) - How does compound X react with water? (3) - How does compound X react with hydro chloric acid (HCL)? (4) 3. Predictions. - Compound X is calcium carbonate (CaCO3). - (1) When compound X is heated and reacted with…

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