Alick: A Tragic Hero

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He was born on planet Extron and was the first to be created from a female and male. Since his planet for years has had rules against mating. But for that he had to be sent out to the galaxy to have no harm to him and where he can grow and thrive in an environment that is far safer than their own.
He landed on planet earth, in the great state of alaska, where a trapper family took him in, but they never told Alick where they found him, or anyone else for that matter. Alick grew and learned the ways of trapping and hunting and surviving in the bush. He wasn’t afraid of much, and he always knew he had something in him but never wanted to show anything of what he could do to anyone, because if he had. Let’s just say that the world wasn’t
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But he never fought back or really showed what he could do to anyone. Except when he was way out in the bush by himself, he was able to let go because no one was watching. He could do anything. But his parents never knew what he did or what he could do. But they were always in the lop that he had came from another planet. Each day from when he was fifteen (that was the day he leand that he had power) he was able to learn more and more about what he could do. But he would time how fast he could run from one spot to another, he would get in fight with bears and so many different things. But he was always playing with his powers never actually getting a fair match or you could say a strong opponent because the bears never really gave him a great fight, if anything they were just too easy. Oh but the polar bears they gave him a good fight in the beginning but once they knew there weren’t going to lose they just give …show more content…
A boat came around and had a big spotlight on him then sooner than he could say hey, they had him in the boat.
After that they asked him all types of questions and then they said when we are done with getting other people out of the water we will head back. But they could never get everyone because most of the people died on the blow of the explosion, and other people got hit by falling debris and so many different thing’s took people's lives.
It pissed Alick off that he was unable to do anything to help any of those people, but he thought to himself that he didn’t need to sit and do nothing he could be saving lives, so he decided that it was time to use his powers for good! And as he thought about that he did something he has never done before, well for one he was floating in mid air and then his body was changing like a magic-fiery glow, with different colors of of the rainbow swirling up his

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