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  • Student M Tutoring Case Study

    questions she got correct the harder the questions became. This game seemed to suit Student M, partly due to her apparent competitiveness. While this game was still on the Cummins C Quadrant, it was definitely more difficult than the prior knowledge assessment. However, Student M seemed to enjoy the challenge, which is great for an emerging bilingual like…

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  • Room 211 Case Study

    8:49/8:59 (Wednesday) - exit door #2, bus duty for Makenzie Smith (KHG) and Randy Anderson (KW). Get students off of the bus 1S. Jayden leaves his wheelchair in the lobby and walks in the walker. Help Jayden sit on his chair and then walk Makenzie and Randy to their kindergarten classrooms. 9:05-9:10 - Room 211 - Go to Krishnansh and help fill out his chart. If he has two “smiles”, he gets a reward. He usually chooses to read or talk in the library. He is pulled out from there by Mrs. Gustafson…

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  • Reese Elementary School Classroom Observation

    observe two teachers, Mrs. Church, who is a second-grade teacher, and Mr. Dohrmann, who is a fifth-grade teacher. The teachers teach different grade levels and have very different teaching styles which lead to differences in classroom management and assessment, as well as, other categories. Even though there are many differences between Mrs. Church and Mr. Dohrmann they also have many similarities, such as the way they handle discipline and motivation. During my observation hours in both…

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  • CPA Exemplinary Research

    As written, the question requires no accounting knowledge whatsoever since it asks for a policy, and only one of the four answer choices (a.) is, in fact, a policy. The three distracters are merely statements of fact. The correct answer becomes obvious based on a flaw in the incorrect answer choices. The sample CPA exam question in Figure 2 exemplifies the importance of including quality distracters in MC questions. MC questions that guide students to correct or incorrect answers or that…

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  • 1.1 Explain The Importance Of Provision Maps For Future Planning

    Provision maps contain data on School’s additional service provision (additional meaning over and above what is provided to meet the needs of the normal curriculum); information on resources, costs and time, staff-pupil ratios and giving overviews and progress of year groups, individual pupils and the school as a whole. They are effective tools for reviewing and monitoring all practical aspects of the provision of interventions at a school and all future planning in this area (establishing…

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  • Sport-Related Concussions

    testing through the years of the athlete. The data analysis means and SDs were calculated for each ImPACT, SCAT-2, SCAT-3, Military Acute Concussion Evaluation(MACE). The variable of the test for all athletes is included in the analysis for each assessment. Each test had a protocol for comparing the test answers. The impact post-concussion cognitive scores were compared with preseason results of the evaluation to determine changes in performance. MACE shows the effect of the brain see if the…

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  • Probability: Coin Tossing Project

    Probability: Coin Tossing Project Student’s name: Institutional Affiliation: Introduction Probability is very essential in determining the likeliness with which an event may or may not take place. It plays an important role in various fields but has been implemented widely in gambling. The con tossing project is aimed at determining the highest level of success with which a particular event carried out multiple times would bare. The guesses were aimed at setting…

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  • English Language Learners Analysis

    instructions. Assessments help teachers know if the child is at risk for delays in literacy and learn about what children know and can do. When thinking of assessments, some teachers often use standards as guidelines. “Early childhood teachers often intertwine standards, instruction, and assessment. State literacy standards and assessment practices often help teachers pinpoint instructional decisions for students.” (Schulz, 2009) For example, when planning an instruction or using assessments for…

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  • Generalist Intervention Model Essay

    engagement, assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation, termination, and follow up. For…

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  • Human Resource Management Role In Performance Management

    Management’s role in the performance management process is to access and determine current employee performance as well as the job requirements. Performance management processes can yield valuable information to assist Human resource management in its assessment of the company’s goals. “Performance data can also be used for HR planning, to determine the relative worth of jobs, and as criteria for recruiting particular types of employees and validating selection tests.” (Snell, Morris, &…

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