Life cycle assessment

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  • Mainstreaming Reflective Curriculum Assessment

    I haven’t had the chance to use the new assessments tools to see what my opinion of them as of yet. Most test touch on the 5 developmental domains recognized by IDEA while others many only touch on one main domain such as behavior or emotional development, other factors might be the child’s age and many other factors as in environmental, and biological status. Environmental factors are a very big part of the assessment process, is there a cultural difference, as well as can you…

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  • Blooms Taxonomy Reflection

    During the process of creating my assessment, I really focused on what we learned throughout the semester such as having a variety of question types, reaching more than one level of Bloom’s Taxonomy, straying from giving clues within my questions, and accounting for bias, reliability, validity, and diverse learners. I started out by choosing a lesson that would be a bit easier to put into a written test form (considering art classes are most commonly based on performance). So, I chose…

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  • ETA 3.2 Assignment Analysis

    The assessment chosen to be analyze is the formal assessment 3.1 and 3.2. Assessment 3.1 given at the end of the learning segment. Assessment 3.1 consist of six matching items and four true and false questions. The matching is to assess the students’ comprehension of the difference between the text features and their purpose in the text. Assessment 3.2 consists of four written response questions the questions are to assesses the students ability to use the literacy strategy to effectively…

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  • Jcabed Case Study Self Assessment

    The Gallon and Porter Assessment Matrix is a very useful tool to self-evaluate ones abilities and skills as a counselor. Through careful consideration and reflection on the screening, assessment, and treatment planning questionnaire Jocabed found herself realizing the amount of information she had learned through the course and also the limitations or areas of growth. This essay will briefly discuss Jocabed’s Gallon and Porter Assessment Matrix score, her reactions to the score, strengths, areas…

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  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy In Community Corrections

    The accuracy of this assessment is dependent on race Fass, T. L., Heilbrun, K., DeMatteo, D., & Fretz, R. (2008). It may help to use different risk assessments for different races and populations to increase the accuracy. Also if parole and probation officers use this data it may increase the supervision of certain offenders. The heightened…

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  • Organizational Change Models

    Models of Organizational Change The changes help modify the different aspects of life and ease the achievement of success (Bukovec, n.d.). There are many useful organizational change models. These models help understand the change that occurs at a macro-level, explaining the reasons, actual change and how it occurred (Agricultural Leadership and Development [ALED], n.d.). The two models selected for the comparison are the holistic and managers’ mental models of the organizational change. The…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Current Zone Of Proximal Development

    Following the Krathwohl and Developmental Assessment (Griffin, 2014), I believe my current Zone of Proximal Development should be at the “Organizing” stage. At the start of the semester, I identified my ZDP the stage as “Responding”, as I was willing to passively receive information and attended all the learning environment, and while completing assessments following the formal requirements, I was not always engaged in discussion in the tutorials. Luckily, the natural of the very first…

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  • Mrs Murphys Interview Questions

    Mrs. Murphy’s answers to the interview questions were very enlightening and only one was surprising. With all of the complaints and controversy I had previously heard about No Child Left Behind and the Common Core Standards, it was surprising to hear a teacher speak of the two in such a positive, supportive light. Mrs. Murphy not only stated that she supported the implementation of both ideas, but also that effective teachers should simply do what is best for their students with or without a…

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  • Reason For Referral : An Evaluation

    Burglary Conveyance unarmed for an incident that allegedly occurred in January of 2016. The youth is scheduled for a Court appearance on this matter in the near future and the present assessment was ordered to assist with that process. CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT: Nathaniel was not in custody at the time of the assessment. Thus, he was evaluated in this examiner 's private office located in Coral Springs, Florida. Nathaniel communicated within the English language, and was informed of the…

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  • Technology: The View Of Education In The 21st Century

    Technology has always had an impact on our lives in some form or another. Early in the 20th century, automation and power machinery transformed our country by reducing the manual labor force necessary on farms and factories. In the 21st century, technology is developing at a much more rapid pace as advances today are often outdated within 2-5 years. Fewer opportunities exist in manufacturing, while the digital has grown exponentially. These advancements indicate that it is very likely that…

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