Literacy Reflective Report

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When asked what literacy was at the beginning of the semester, I thought it was simply teaching a child to read. Easy, right? I did not realize all that was involved in literacy. Literacy includes reading, writing, vocabulary, fluency, and phonemic awareness. There are also a number of assessments and observations that fall under literacy, all of which are extremely important to effectively teaching literacy to young children. I learned a lot about the different types of assessments this semester. I learned about authentic assessments which includes observations and watching students in action. I thought the authentic assessment was an invaluable assessment. I can learn so much about a student by watching how she interacts with literacy and …show more content…
As a teacher, I plan to assess my students regularly so I can see what each student needs to be taught and where they are struggling. I will also use assessments to see if my teaching method was successful. If students don 't respond well to my lesson, then I know I need to reteach the lesson in a different way. Assessments are a way to monitor my teaching and see what is working and what isn 't. I will definitely use the Running Record to monitor fluency and prosody. I would be interested in using the IRI to monitor reading comprehension. Authentic assessments will be very useful for monitoring student progress. The QSI is an assessment I will use to help me organize students into groups based on the different spelling stages that they are in. The Interest Inventory is another great assessment that I will use to make my lessons more meaningful and interesting to the students. When I was doing a vocabulary lesson, the Interest Inventory was extremely helpful to me because I used sentences and stories based on what the student liked, ponies. This paid off because the student was interested in my lesson because she loved hearing about ponies and she did well on the vocabulary

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